Kuna is one of the fastest-growing cities in Idaho, having nearly tripled in population since the early 2000s to the present. With new people constantly moving to Kuna, many new houses are being built and old houses are being renovated. One thing to consider during the hot summers is knowing your home has quality and working air conditioners. Air conditioners can break down for various reasons, sometimes seemingly random. When it comes to air conditioner repair in Kuna, Snowflake Air has got you covered, no matter what the issue is.

If you are new to the city, here is a fun fact: according to popular belief, as well as being cited by the Kuna Chamber of Commerce, the translation of the name “Kuna” means “the end of the trail,” However, Historian, Charles S. Walgamott argues the origin of the name comes from the Shoshone Indian word meaning “green leaf, good to smoke.”


Snowflake Air

It is inconvenient when the air conditioner malfunctions and lose efficiency, especially during the hot summer days and uncomfortable nights. The best kuna ac repair is done by Snowflake Air, a local business for the local residents. We have reliable technicians that are knowledgeable and efficient.


Any Type of Air Conditioner

We can repair any type of conditioner your house may have. Here are some common air conditioner your home may have.


Central Air

Central air is an air conditioning system that provides whole-house comfort instead of individual sections or rooms of the home. It is common in most homes today to use a central air conditioning. It uses a split system that circulates air through ductwork. The split aspect is a system composed of two units, one located outdoors and one located indoors.

The outdoor component lodges the condenser and compressor whereas the indoor component accommodates the evaporator coils and air handler. Like most air conditioning systems, central air systems use refrigerant to remove heat from the home’s air. This heat is sent outdoors and cooled air is circulated into the home through the ducts and vents.

Central air uses a lot of energy and this can result to higher energy bills. There are many areas where the system can break down. Central air depends on ductwork to distribute air. If ductwork is not installed properly, you will notice problems.The seams between duct pieces are sealed by aluminum tape and insulation is used to separate the ductwork from places like the attic or crawl spaces. If not sealed, it can result in air leakage. These leaks in ductwork can become dirty, contaminating the home with dust and mold spores that circulate through the home’s air supply. With an underperforming inefficient system with poor air quality can ultimately lead to early failure of your heating/air conditioning equipment. The sooner the signs of failure emerge and the sooner it is better to get a professional to fix it.


Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless mini-splits can be more energy-efficient than ducted systems. With this system, air travels directly into the spaces to be cooled, meaning that no energy is lost through heat transference in ductwork. The compressor is installed outdoors and connected to the air handlers that are installed indoors through lines containing refrigerant, drainage tubes and the power cables. Each air handler has its own thermostat, allowing for every room to have individualized climate control for each one. Mini-splits can have up to four air handlers connected to one outdoor compressor.

Common problems with mini-split are indoor blowers, the refrigerant line, and condensate drain line. The indoor blowers connected to the outdoor unit via a conduit through an exterior wall that channels the power cord, refrigerant line and condensate drain line. Because the condensate and refrigerant lines can be rather long, they are capable of developing leaks or clogs.


Swamp Cooler

A swamp cooler, sometimes called an evaporative cooler, is a cooling system perfect for very dry climates as it adds moisture to the air in those regions. Unlike other types of air conditioners, they do not have refrigerant but instead implement damp pads. The hot air flows over the pads as the air cools, circulating into the home. With this system, humidity is increases to the air but be aware that the cooling ability falls as outdoor humidity rises.


For other AC repair Kuna locals might need, Snowflake Air is capable of fixing window AC and wall mounted AC. We have the expertise to handle any malfunction your AC unit may be experiencing.