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Snowflake Air is the only HVAC Contractor in the Boise metro area who can deep-clean your ductless mini-split system.

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Add $60 Per Additional Indoor Unit

* Purchase a 3-year deep-cleaning plan to receive a discount of $50/each on your 2nd and 3rd year deep cleaning service.

How do Our Ductless Mini-Split Cleaning Systems Work?

STEP 1: Our technician turns on your whole system and checks each individual indoor air handler to measure the air velocity and make sure it’s operating properly.

Ductless Mini Split Cleaning Boise ID

STEP 2: To protect your home, we attach a catchment bag to the unit to catch water and debris that will be generated by the cleaning process.

STEP 3: The cover and louver are removed to access the inside of the unit.  

STEP 4: Once we have access to the inside, we spray biodegradable cleaners onto the coil and other interior parts of the unit, using a specially-designed, low-pressure sprayer to push cleaning solutions and then rinse water through the components of the system.

Your technician cleans the fins and the back of the chassis, followed by the back of the unit, the top drain, and the coil. 

Cleaning Ductless Mini Split Boise ID

STEP 5: To ensure the entire barrel fan gets clean, we spin the fan while cleaning this part, and then we complete the process by cleaning all remaining interior parts and flushing out the debris. 

STEP 6: Finally, we clean the covers and louvers that we removed at the beginning of the process, and we replace everything and apply an antibacterial treatment. 

STEP 7: After repeating this process on all indoor units, our technician cleans the outside condenser unit using a similar process. 

Ductless Mini Split Cleaning Boise ID

FINAL STEP: When we’re confident that all the dirt has been cleaned out of your system and your equipment has been reassembled to strict factory specifications, we check the air velocity and operation of each individual again. 

Ultimately, we guarantee you that this cleaning technology will return your ductless unit to the same level of cleanliness you expect from new equipment.

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Our Services

The right service at the right price.

We offer full system replacements, maintenance programs, and everything in between to keep you feeling comfortable in your own home.

Our Services

The right service at the right price.

We offer full system replacements, maintenance programs, and everything in between to keep you feeling comfortable in your own home.

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