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Furnace Repair in Kuna

It is important to keep your home warm, especially if you have kids. It’s especially crucial as temperatures here start to go down. Your heating system/furnace has to work hard to make you comfortable, but it also needs a tune up once in a while. That’s what Snowflake Air can do for you, too!

Snowflake Air is Kuna’s trusted HVAC system provider and can help you, no matter when your heating issue starts – that’s 24 hour service for you! Our mission is to make sure you’re comfortable in your home

3 Signs your Furnace Needs Repair

Without regular maintenance, your furnace can fall into disrepair.

  • Reduction in Air Quality. If you notice that your home has noticeably dusty or dry air or that some rooms are randomly warmer than others, you may have a heating issue.
  • You Hear Unnatural Sounds. There may be a rattle or random bangs, which means that something is wrong. These will be noticeable and fairly loud, so you’ll know something is wrong.
  • Utility Bill Fluctuation. If you see that your bill on electricity has suddenly spiked, maybe your furnace isn’t maintained properly.

Furnace Installation

When considering a company to install a brand new furnace, you need to look at quality, not just price. It’s nice to get a bargain, but it’s even more important to find a system that will last through cold Kuna winters. We supply the best equipment on the market, and we don’t charge an arm and a leg!

Heating Contractor that you can Trust

Not only do we have amazing customer service, but we also are led by a Master Technician, someone who has decades of experience with the exact service you need.

HVAC Heating

Your home is probably set up in a way that a furnace could easily provide the heat your home needs when it gets chilly outside. However, many systems don’t work efficiently and require maintenance to perform at their peak. Give us a call today or book an appointment with the button below. Thanks for choosing Snowflake Air!

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