Heat Pump Installation In Cascade, ID

Heat Pump Installation In Cascade, ID Snowflake Air is the trusted name for expert, reliable heat pump installation in Cascade, ID. We’re a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Dealer with an excellent reputation and hundreds of five-star reviews. Call (208) 205-9078 or click here to set an appointment. 

Heat Pumps Vs. Baseboard Heating

Baseboard heaters are very common in Cascade, ID homes. We have many older houses with no ductwork, cabins, and other housing types that don’t typically have central heating. As a result, baseboard heating was always an easy way to keep every room in the house warm without expensive renovations

However, while each heater is inexpensive to buy, they use a lot of electricity. If you have them, you’ve seen those huge jumps on your bills when it gets cold out. 

On the other hand, heat pumps require a fraction of the energy that those heaters — and other conventional solutions — use. And, since they transfer warmth only (and not air), you don’t need to build ductwork for them. 

We’ve got plenty more information about mini splits and heat pumps here and here

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More Benefits Of A Heat Pump Installation In Cascade, ID 

Why replace an old pellet stove, propane heat, or baseboard heaters in a Cascade, ID home with a heat pump and mini split installation? Here are some more benefits: 

  1. Temperature Always WIthin A Degree Of Your Setting
  2. Customized Comfort In Every Room
  3. Energy-Efficiency Heating And Cooling 
  4. Fast, Easy, Non-Invasive Installation. 

You can read more about heat pumps and mini split advantages in our learning library here and here. 

What Size Heat Pump Do I Need For a 2,000 Square Foot Home?

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need a 2.5 to 3.5-ton heat pump for enough heating and cooling in a 2.000 square foot home. However, the basic size of the house is only one factor. 

When we size a heat pump or mini split for a home, we also consider the number of rooms, the height of the ceilings, how many windows there are and which they face, the quality of the home’s insulation, and more. 

Click here to learn more about the cost and sizing for a heat pump mini split system.


Local Spotlight: Kelly’s Whitewater Park


Kelly's Whitewater

Local Spotlight: Kelly’s Whitewater Park

Located on the Payette River, Kelly’s Whitewater Park is one of the most well-known whitewater parks in the country! Canoers, kayakers, and tubers, both local and visiting, flock here over the summer for some of the best water recreation that Idaho has to offer. 

Visit https://rivergearcascade.com for information on the weather, local river flow, and anything else you’d need to know before heading out to the water