Heating And Cooling Services In Cascade, ID

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Snowflake Air is a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Dealer. We’re also certified to work on Fujitsu, Ruud, and Halcyon products, along with other major brands. Learn more about heat pump and mini split installation in Cascade, ID

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Real Small-Town America

Cascade, ID is the kind of genuine American small town you just don’t see much of anymore. It’s managed to update itself over the years while retaining so much of its rural element and spirit. You know, just enough of that old, free Wild West lifestyle. 

Nestled between Lake Cascade and the Payette River, there’s a main street with shops and eateries. Just outside town are plenty of campgrounds and parks, plus a golf course and aquatic recreation center. 

Like many places in Valley County, outdoor activities are a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike. Hot springs, hiking, ATV trails, and kayaking — there’s something for everyone here!

Can You Swim In Lake Cascade, Idaho?

Swimming is allowed in designated areas on Lake Cascade.

Why Go Ductless In Cascade, ID? 

Ductless mini splits are an excellent way to upgrade the comfort in your Cascade home without changing the look and feel of each room. You’ll get better heat and also air conditioning all summer long. 

Many of the older homes here in Cascade don’t have ductwork. Instead, they rely on pellet stoves or baseboard heating. 

The houses that do have central heat use propane, which is expensive. 

With ductless, we won’t need to build out ductwork so you can get heat and air conditioning in every room. That’s expensive, takes a lot of time, and takes up a lot of space. 

Instead, you can set the temperature separately in every room in the house — without doing all that construction. 

And with the low cost of electricity in Valley County, you’ll get superior heating and cooling for a fraction of what you paid before. Even when you add in air conditioning, you’re still likely to pay less on your utilities overall. 

Want to learn more about mini splits and heat pumps for Cascade homes and businesses? Click the link below or call us at (208) 205-9078 for a free consultation.


Local Spotlight: Cascade Aquatic & Recreation Center


Cascade Aquatic & Recreation Center

Residents of Cascade and nearby areas can enjoy all sorts of water-based sports, exercise, therapy, and recreational activities at the Cascade Aquatic & Recreation Center

Located near Kelly’s Whitewater Park, just off Main Street and Cabarton Road, the facilities include a year-round geothermal heated pool plus a fitness center.  

A low yearly membership gets you access to a full calendar of weekly activities, including water aerobics and yoga. You can also make reservations or check their Facebook page for information on activities, local trails, and more!