Heating And Cooling Services in McCall, ID

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Homes in McCall use various heating sources, from wood pellet stoves to baseboard heaters and the occasional gas furnace. 

Today, the most comfortable and inexpensive source is a ductless mini split with a heat pump. You’ll get the most comfortable, even heat you’ve ever felt. And, the same system provides crisp, cool air conditioning all summer. 

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Snowflake Air is a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Dealer and is certified to work on all Mitsubishi, Ruud, Fujitsu, and Halcyon products, along with other major brands. 

Why Go Ductless? 

Ductless heating and cooling, is becoming more popular than ever here in Valley County. These systems have been much more widespread in Europe and other parts of the world for decades. Now, there’s a surge in popularity here in the U.S.

And, it’s easy to understand why! 

With so many cabins and older home here in McCall, not all the heating solutions work as well as they should. Pellet stoves, for instance, provide uneven heat: You’re very warm when you’re close to it but get chilly further away. 

Baseboard heaters treat each room separately. But they’re expensive to run. And propane is more expensive. Plus, you have to rely on regular deliveries. 

On the other hand, a ductless system does it all! You can set each room to the same temperature and stay within a degree of that setting all the time. Or, make each room warmer or cooler, depending on your preference. 

And, with today’s Hyper Heat models, you’ll get warmth and comfort even when it’s -13 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s way colder than it ever gets here in McCall. 

That’s not to mention superior air conditioning all summer. Since this used to be primarily a winter resort town, most homes don’t have AC or ductwork for central air. A mini split is easy to install and provides year-round comfort. 

Finally, it’s energy-efficient and inexpensive to run. Heat pumps use a fraction of the energy baseboard heaters or ACs require. And, with so much electricity provided by nearby rivers, it’s as close as you can get to free heating and cooling! 


A Haven Of Freedom

Towns in Valley County like McCall are some of the most breathtaking places in the country. And, they’re in one of the last parts of the country that seem to represent the true sense of classic American freedom. 

There’s a lot to brag about in our ten-square-mile town: Beautiful outdoor destinations like Ponderosa State Park and Payette Lake, and wonderful traditions, including the annual Winter Carnival. 

And, with so much winter recreation, it should be no surprise that McCall is home to three Olympic figures. They’re Corey Engen, the U.S. Nordic ski team’s captain for the 1948 Olympics, cross-country skier Mack Miller, and Olympic and World Cup alpine ski racer Patty Boydstun-Hovdey.

Outside of sports, Barbara Morgan, the first teacher in space, taught reading and math for years at McCall-Donnelly Elementary school. 

What Is The Cost Of Living In McCall, Idaho?

Overall, the cost of living in McCall, ID is slightly higher than the national average. Housing, in particular, is much more expensive than most other places in the country and the state. The median home price here is $483,200. However, utilities and transportation costs are lower than national and state averages.


Local Spotlight: The Alpine Playhouse and Roxy Theater

The Alpine Playhouse and Roxy Theater

There’s much more to do than just winter sports here in McCall, and much of it takes place at the Alpine Playhouse.

Located at Fir Street and Roosevelt Avenue near Payette Lake, the Alpine Playhouse is home to the performing arts here. The 110-seat theater has mounted productions including One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Full Monty, among many others. It’s also the home of the nationally-renowned Seven Devils National Playwrights Conference.