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Snowflake Air Maintenance Visits And Plans

The Best Way to Keep Your HVAC System Maintained All Year!

We know the importance of keeping your heating and cooling system maintained properly. That’s why every time we service your system, we check every component on our maintenance checklists to make sure your system lasts through the seasons and years to come!

When you have your HVAC system serviced, you are making sure that your system is keeping you comfortable, but there are more benefits than simply improved comfort:

  • Maintains and increases energy efficiency
  • Helps keep energy bills from slowly rising, due to loss of efficiency
  • Prolongs the life of an HVAC system – Should last 10+ years, but without service, it won’t last nearly as long as it should
  • Maintains your warranty – Many warranties require yearly professional service
  • Improves indoor air quality – Changing filters and making sure nothing is dirtying up the air in your system
  • Keeps your home more comfortable

You wouldn’t drive your car for years without an oil change right? So don’t put your HVAC system through the same!

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"The service is outstanding!"

I have been using Snowflake for several years now. The service is outstanding! I choose the interval and they show up to my house and replace my furnace filters for me. They are quick, responsive, and professional. I highly recommend their service for all your HVAC needs. – Chris T., Boise, Idaho

Maintenance PlansAC Maintenance – Starting at $150

AC Maintenance 14 Point Checklist

  1. We measure the amperage and voltage of the blower motor and run capacitor
  2. We check the condenser fan blade
  3.  We replace/Clean electronic filters***
  4. We check Evaporator*
  5. We check defrosts board/electric wiring in the condenser (heat pump only)
  6. We check refrigerant charge**
  7. We check Operating pressures
  8. We check the condenser fan motor
  9. We check contractor points
  10. We check pressure switches
  11. We check and clean the condenser coil
  12. We check your ductwork and recommend duct cleaning if needed
  13. We tighten caps and ports
  14. We measure static pressure
HVAC Maintenance Fun Facts

Regular Maintenance Is Essential To Your Heat Pump SystemHeating Maintenance – Starting at $150

25 Point Heating System Maintenance

  1. We test for carbon monoxide inside of residence**
  2. We check for carbon monoxide detector batteries
  3. We check for gas leaks downstream from the shutoff valve
  4. We check and advise customers to remove hazardous materials near the furnace area
  5. We inspect the thermostat/check batteries
  6. We visually inspect the heat exchanger if accessible**
  7. We visually inspect the secondary heat exchanger if accessible
  8. We can clean and check burners
  9. We clean and check burner vestibules
  10. We check the igniter
  11. We clean flame sensor
  12. We examine flue and vent conditions
  13. We check heat elements (heat pump only)
  14. We test operation of safety limits
  15. We check control board/electrical wiring
  16. We replace filters/clean air cleaner filters
  17. We measure amperage and voltage of blower motor and run capacitor
  18. We test pressure switches if applicable
  19. We test the operation of the limits switch
  20. We check the operation of the inducer motor
  21. We test the sequence of operation of ignition systems
  22. We check the proper operation of condensation lines and condensation pumps
  23. We inspect blower housing and wheel
  24. We inspect the condenser coil (heat pump only)
  25. We check and secure all panels

The Complete Comfort Maintenance Program – Starting at $192

If you want to save on your annual HVAC maintenance, our Complete Comfort Maintenance program is the right option for you. Our techs will come out twice a year in the spring and fall and do both the AC and Furnace Tune-Up checklists mentioned above for a combined price of $192!

Do you have more than one system? No problem! Depending on how many systems you have, and how long you would like to be covered for, have options for you. If you aren’t sure which is the right plan for you, give us a call at (208) 205-9078 and we will help you pick the right one! 

Snowflake Air Maintenance Plans 2023
HVAC Maintenance In Nampa Idaho

"Stop looking, without a doubt use Snowflake Air."

Snowflake Air is an amazing company, very polite, knowledgeable, professional and excellent to work with. I got five quotes and am a very detailed person (I am an engineer) and Snowflake Air was above all the others in knowledge, professionalism, customer service, timely and all around service. Stop looking, without a doubt use Snowflake Air. I hardly ever comment on these reviews but was simply amazed and that is really hard to do as I am pretty critical.  – Loriston F., Nampa, Idaho

*Evaporator cleaning is extra
**Heat exchanger cleaning is extra
***We will gladly provide air filters for regular cost minus a 15% discount. Please inform us at the time of scheduling, so we may bring the appropriately sized filters.
****If Freon is required, this is subject to extra charge minus a 15% discount