Expert Ductless Mini Split Installations In Eagle, ID

Snowflake Air specializes in expert, reliable ductless mini split installations for homes and businesses in Eagle, ID. Whether you’re creating a single room or need a multi-zone design, we’ll install the perfect system for your needs. Call us at (208) 205-9078 for a free consultation.

How Mini Splits Work

Ductless Mini Split Installation In Eagle, IDA mini split, sometimes called a ductless air conditioner, works by moving heat, not air, through your house. It uses a heat pump outside and air handlers in every room, or zone, you want to heat and cool.

You can heat and cool one room with a single air handler. Or add more indoor units to treat multiple zones up to the entire house.

The air handler draws hot air from the room in the summertime, removes the heat, and recirculates the cool air. The heat travels to the heat pump, which “dumps” it outside.

In the winter, it works in reverse: The heat pump draws warmth from outside and sends it to the air handlers in your home. Those indoor units draw air from the room, heat it, and recirculate it.

These systems are sometimes called “ductless air conditioners” because, for a long time, they were really only for cooling. But, today’s heat pumps are strong enough to keep your home warm through the coldest Eagle, ID winter nights.

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Mini Split Installation Benefits For Eagle, ID Homes And Businesses

Why go with ductless heating and air? Here are the big benefits you get with a mini split installation in your Eagle, ID home or business:

  • Consistent, Customizable Comfort
  • Whisper-Quiet Performance
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Fast, Easy Installation

How Many Rooms Can A Mini Split Cool? (Ductless FAQ)

You can learn more about saving money on your energy bills and enhancing your home comfort in our Homeowner Resources.

Are Mini Splits Good For A Whole House?

A multi-zone ductless mini split set can heat and cool an entire house. Instead of having one air handler connected to the heat pump outside, a whole-home system uses multiple indoor units, with each one treating a different zone, or area, of the house.

Local Spotlight: Heritage Park

A beacon of small-town life and community pride, the Heritage Park is a mainstay of downtown Eagle. The gazebo is home to countless outdoor events, is often accompanied by a food truck in the warm weather, and is decorated with lights around the holidays. The park is also home to the Eagle Saturday Market. 

If You Go

Heritage Park is located at 185 East State Road near the corner of 2nd Street. It’s open daily from 6 am to 9 pm, and the Saturday market takes place every week from May through October, from 9 am to 2 pm.