Heat Pump Installation in McCall ID

Heat Pump Installation In McCall, ID

Heat Pump Installation In McCall, IDSnowflake Air is the local expert for heat pump installation in McCall, ID. As a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, you can rely on us to help you select the perfect system for your home and install it right the first time. Click here or call us at (208) 205-9078.

Five Benefits Of A Heat Pump For McCall, ID Homes & Businesses 

Why go with a heat pump instead of conventional heating and cooling in McCall? Here are four great reasons: 

  1. Better Comfort All Year 
  2. Customize The Temperature In Each Room
  3. Fast, Easy Installation In Any Home Or Businesses
  4. Heating And Air Conditioning With One System
  5. Energy-Efficient System That Reduces Fossil Fuel Consumption

You can click here to learn more about heat pump and mini split benefits in different applications. And, we’re always available for a free consultation!

Do Heat Pumps Work In Idaho?

Yes! Today’s heat pumps are more than capable of keeping you warm through the coldest Idaho winter days and nights! Older heat pumps could not handle temperatures much lower than freezing. 

However, Mitsubishi models out now can provide heat even when it’s 13 below zero Fahrenheit. And, it never gets that cold here. 

Read more about heat pumps and mini splits in our learning library here and here. Or click below. 

How Do Heat Pumps And Mini Splits Work? 

Heat pumps don’t use natural resources like gas or electricity to generate heat. Instead, they gather whatever warmth there is outside, amplify it, and send it inside to your home. Even when it’s cold out, there’s still enough thermal energy to keep you comfortable. 

In the summertime, the system works in reverse. It draws the heat that’s inside the house and “dumps” it outside. Meanwhile, the indoor components also dehumidify for extra comfort and cooling. 

Those indoor components are called “air handlers,” and they’re responsible for warming and cooling the air. Then, they circulate it throughout the area they’re treating. 

No ductwork is necessary to connect it all. Instead, we run a few lines that pump refrigerant, which carries heat, between the heat pump and air handlers. 

You can read more about how it works here. Or find out what it can look like in your home.


Local Spotlight: Central Idaho Historical Museum


The Idaho Historical Museum

Step into the Valley County of yesteryear at the Central Idaho Historical Museum! This nonprofit’s mission is to collect, preserve and display the history of McCall. Here, you’ll find photographs, artifacts, and oral and written histories of the area. 

Located just off Payette Lake on State Street near Lake Drive, this local gem is spread over eight sites on a four-acre site. Of particular note is Fire Warden’s House. The three-story log structure is nearly a century old, and it’s a stunning example of the classic “American Rustic” architecture style.