Expert Ductless Mini Split Installations In Meridian, ID

Snowflake Air specializes in custom heat pump and ductless mini split installations for Meridian, ID homes and businesses. We’ll install the perfect system, whether you need a one-room setup or a multi-zone design. Call us at (208) 205-9078 for your free consultation.

Mini Split Installations In Meridian, IDMini Split Benefits For Meridian, ID Homes and Businesses

Why go ductless? Here are the biggest benefits of a mini split in a Meridian, ID home or business:

  • Customizable, Consistent Comfort
  • Lower Energy Bills All Year
  • Installation Is Fast And Easy
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation

Each air handler features a built-in thermostat that lets you set each zone individually. No more bedrooms too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter! And, these systems can keep the temperature within a degree of the setting all the time — no five- to ten-degree temperature swings like with conventional heating and cooling.

Learn more about how ductless mini splits can make your home more comfortable in our Homeowner Resources.

How Does A Mini Split Work?

A mini split works by moving heat, not air, from one place to another. That’s how it makes your home so comfortable without ductwork and vents! It’s also, in part, why they can work so much better than conventional systems.

In the summer, the air handlers in your home draw air from the rooms where they’re located. They remove the heat from the air, dehumidify it, and then circulate it. The heat moves from the air to a coolant running between the air handler and the outside heat pump.

The heat pump “dumps” it into the air outside. Then, it works in reverse in the summer: The heat pump draws in warmth from the outside air and sends it inside.

The air handlers draw in cold air from the room, add that heat to it, and then recirculate it.

People sometimes call these systems “ductless air conditioners” because the heat pumps were only good for cooling and a little bit of heat for the late fall or early spring. However, today’s models are strong enough to keep your home warm even through the coldest Meridian, ID winter nights.

You can read more about how mini splits, or ductless air conditioners, work and what one will look like in your home. Or, contact us today for a free consultation. 

Can You Add A Zone To A Mini Split?

It is possible to add more zones to a mini split installation. Mini splits can be designed as single-zone or multi-zone units. A heat pump designed for multi-zone use can support up to eight air handlers. More air handlers can be added later to those models.

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