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Serious Comfort and Savings to Help You Unwind

Custom Homes in the Treasure Valley come in all sorts of shapes and sizes which means traditional HVAC systems aren’t always the answer.

No matter the size and shape of your home or mountainside haven, a ductless system from Mitsubishi® will be a great fit and offers benefits that other systems can’t.

Air Conditioning that Fits Anywhere

Some traditional air conditioning systems take up too much space with bulky ductwork, but ductless can fit virtually anywhere.

Whether you have a…

Small House

Or a

Large House

Multiple Ways to Save

From the easy, hassle-free installation to eliminating your need for fossil fuels, there are multiple ways that ductless can help you save on home energy costs. Ductless also gives back, in energy efficient savings!


Luxury Homes with Ductless Heating and Cooling Enjoy Plenty of Advantages:


No Ductwork

Who wants to think about ductwork when planning and building their dream home? Not can does ductwork muck up the aesthetics of your beautiful home they can also be a hassle to maintain.

Zoning Options

Sometimes you have a full house and other times you’re only using a room or two. Ductless zoning allows you to cool and heat only the rooms you need without wasting unnecessary energy.

Heats Great, Less Filling

Did you know ductless heats too? Whether it’s for a chilly summer night or to protect your home during the off season, electric heat from a flexible Mitsubishi Electric® ductless system doesn’t require costly oil or gas.

Comfort – Technology – Efficiency

Let Snowflake Air fine-tune the comfort in your luxury home. A ductless mini-split system can be paired with solar energy to create a sustainable home comfort solution.

Download the product guide below to learn more about Mitsubishi® ductless. Or, schedule a free consultation so we can discuss and assess your situation.