Heat Pump Installation In Donnelly, ID

Heat Pump Installation In Donnelly, IDSnowflake Air is the trusted name for expert heat pump installation in Donnelly, ID. We do the job right the first time and make sure you’re comfortable all year long, Check out our hundreds of five-star reviews. Call (208) 205-9078 or click here to set an appointment. 

Can You Install A Heat Pump Yourself? 

Sure, you’ll find heat pumps online for much cheaper than the cost of having a professional install it. But, it’s not a good idea, because it’s easy to damage the unit or even hurt yourself in the process. You’ll also void the warranty and risk getting the wrong unit for your home.

One of the most important parts of installing a heat pump occurs before you even purchase one! That’s doing the proper load calculation to determine what size heat pump you need for your home. 

A model that’s too small will never make you comfortable. And, both oversized and undersized heat pumps will burn out years before they should because they can’t work properly.

Housing Types in Donnelley, ID 

How would a mini split fit in your Donnelly, ID home? Let’s look at a few common housing types. 


With many tourists and travelers coming for winter recreation, cabins are common in the Donnelly area. Whether you’re living here full time, coming up for the season, or renting out your cabin, updated heating and cooling makes for a major comfort upgrade. 

You’ll be much more comfortable with a heat pump mini split than with old baseboard heaters or pellet stove. Neither of those HVAC solutions will offer the same consistency when it comes to heating. 

And, neither of them will cool your cabin in the summer! With a mini split, you get excellent climate control in all seasons. And, you don’t have to install ductwork. 

Case Study: Mini Split Adds Cooling (And Better Heating) To A Donnelly, ID Cabin


Single homes with porches and sloped roofs are an old-fashioned home design that people today still cherish. And, with a mini split, you’ll make your historic home more comfortable without changing the look and feel of the rooms inside. 

With no need for ductwork, installation is fast and easy. And, wall-mounted air handlers especially don’t take up much room at all. You won’t even need to rearrange your furniture. 

Case Study: Ductless Heating And Cooling In A Century-Old Home

Ranch Homes 

Ranch homes and split-levels are classic mid-century homes. Now that we’re well into the 21st century, however, many require updating — and that can be expensive. 

Old ductwork gets leaky, which causes drops in air pressure. And, the old designs aren’t made to handle air conditioning. Meanwhile, propane prices still vary — and they seem to always go higher. 

You can bypass all that with a heat pump and air handlers. Mini splits heat and cool your home better. And, they’re easy to install and cost less to run than forced-air systems. 

Case Study: Heat Pump Replaces Gas Furnace And Central Air


Local Spotlight: Fly Trap Antiques


Fly Trap Antiques

Take a trip back in time at 283 Main Street in Donnelly, ID with Fly Trap Antiques! You’ll find all sorts of unique, precious, weird and wonderful vintage items right in the center of town. Owners Callie and Fred Smith are always on the hunt for unique and special items for locals and tourists alike. 

You’ll find everything from old campaign memorabilia, coinis and toys, vintage Coca-Cola signs and items, and even classic Idaho “Famous Potatoes” license places.