Ductless Mini Split Replaces Old Gas Furnace And AC In Boise, IDOur homeowners in Boise, ID, wanted to make the most of their situation when they realized it was time to replace their old gas furnace and AC. Sure, they could get another natural gas heater and forced-air system. 

Or, they could invest in upgrading their home comfort while lowering their energy bills

That’s what they said when they called us at Snowflake Heating and Air. They’d heard great things about ductless heating and cooling but weren’t sure if they were true. And, they didn’t know how it worked. 

First things first: We inspected their current system and confirmed that it was due for replacement, They’d done a great job maintaining it, and as a result, it lasted nearly twenty years! 

But now it was struggling to keep up and using more gas and electricity than ever before. So, we sat down with our homeowner to answer some questions. 

In this case study, we’ll review some of the education and comparisons we shared with them. That includes:

  • How To Know When It’s Time To Replace A Furnace
  • Mini Split Vs. Gas Heat 
  • Ductless Heating And Cooling Vs. Existing Ductwork
  • Installing A Ductless Mini Split In Boise, ID 

If the existing HVAC system in your Treasure Valley home shows serious signs of wear, reach out to Snowflake Air today! We’ll let you know if a repair will help or if it’s time for a replacement. And, we’ll help you find the perfect new system for your home and needs. 

Problem: A 22-year-old gas furnace and AC system in this Boise, ID was starting to fail. The customer wanted to upgrade their comfort and spend less on their energy bills. 

Solution: Installed a five-zone ductless heating and cooling mini split. It heats and cools the entire home using less energy. And, it makes each room more comfortable.

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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace A Furnace

First, we went through four telltale signs that it was time to replace the furnace:

  • House Isn’t As Warm Or Cool As It Should Be

  • Weak Air Circulation

  • Rising Energy Bills

  • Age Of The System

House Isn’t As Warm Or Cool As It Should Be

Over the last few years, this Boise, ID home became less and less comfortable. Each winter, the bedrooms were a little colder. Each summer, they got warmer. 

It’s a sign the system is struggling to handle the load it used to accommodate easily. 

Weak Air Circulation

With the system struggling to keep up, the homeowners could physically feel less air coming through the vents. That’s a problem with the blower: It’s not generating enough force to push the air through the ductwork. 

Rising Energy Bills

Our homeowners didn’t expect to get less comfort and higher bills. But that’s precisely what happened! And, it’s pretty common. The system is still working its hardest. In fact, it’s probably running even more. But it’s just not up to the task any longer. 

Age Of The System

With yearly maintenance and regular care, our homeowners made the most of their system. Most heaters last 15 years, and AC condensers go for a decade. Once a forced-air system is more than ten years old, it’s time to start watching for warning signs. 

Ductless Heating And Cooling Vs. Existing Ductwork

Ductwork Can Be A Big PainIt’s all in the name: ductless heating and cooling make your entire home comfortable without using the house’s existing ductwork. It’s very customizable: We’ve set up single-zone systems to address one problem room and installed setups that supplement the current system. 

In this case, our homeowners wanted a complete overhaul. Their multi-zone mini split system would handle the entire house all year. With these systems, that’s no problem at all. 

A ductless heat pump can handle up to eight indoor units. And, as with most multi-zone setups, we wouldn’t need nearly that many. Five will carry the entire load. 

Each area of the house gets its own air handler. These units draw in the air from that space, warm or heat it, and recirculate it. Every unit has a thermostat, so you get customized heating and cooling in each zone.

Meanwhile, the heat pump has a variable-speed motor. That means more consistent comfort because it doesn’t cycle on and off a few times every hour. 

Instead, it switched to low-speed, low-power mode once the home reaches the temperature the homeowners want. Then, it maintains that setting continually instead of kicking on when the temperature drifts. 

The result is better comfort and lower utility bills. 

Mini Split Vs. Gas Heat 

A mini split works similarly to central air in the summer — just better and more efficiently. But, there’s a big difference in the winter when compared to gas heat. 

The system does a heat transfer for both heating and cooling. In the summer, it carries heat out of the house and recirculates cool air. In the winter, that process works in reverse. 

Even when it’s cold out, there’s still some heat, or thermal energy, outside. The heat pump draws in that thermal energy, amplifies it, and sends it into the house.

That’s enough to keep the entire house just as warm as gas. And, it’s not burning fossil fuels to generate heat. It’s moving it from one place to the other. So, our homeowners will see much lower bills in the winter.

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Installing A Ductless Mini Split In Boise, ID 

Installing a ductless mini split is fast and easy. Even with a full-on five-zone system in this Boise, ID home, we got the job done in under three days!

With no ductwork to worry about, it was simply a matter of mapping out the best spots for each air handler. Then, we found the most out-of-the-way route to link them to the heat pump. 

In this case, we went with three zones upstairs: One air handler in each bedroom. Even for the master suite, the indoor unit was strong enough to reach into the attached bathroom. 

Downstairs, we needed one for the living room and a second covering the dining room and kitchen. Adding that second one downstairs ensured that every inch of the home would feel great! 

Now, our homeowners are enjoying better heating and cooling than ever before. And, since they called us before their old system broke down for good, they had a seamless transition.

If it’s time to replace the old HVAC system in your Treasure Valley home, don’t settle for the same old heating and cooling! Reach out to us at Snowflake Air for a free consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect system for your family and your budget mini split HVAC system installation in Boise, ID.