Problem: A cabin in Donnelley, ID had heating but no air conditioning. The homeowner didn’t want window ACs because they’re too loud, use too much energy, and take up too much room. 

Solution: Installed a two-zone ductless mini split. This system provides excellent, silent, and energy-efficient air conditioning and heating. 

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Mini Split Adds Cooling And Heating To A Donnelly, ID CabinThe owner of a cabin in Donnelley, ID called us to finally make his vacation home as comfortable in the summer as he’d always wanted it. 

Spring and fall were mild, and the heat worked fine (even if conventional electric heat was expensive to run). 

But, every summer, he’d have to choose between the place getting too hot and uncomfortable or dragging a couple of window air conditioners out of storage. He never liked how loud they were, that they took up a window, and how much they added to his electric bill. 

Since the cabin didn’t have ductwork, adding central air was out of the question. How could our homeowner fix it? 

Ductless heating and cooling did the job — and more! With a two-zone system, he could treat the entire cabin, and not just for the summer. 

The new system also provides heating. So, our homeowner also got rid of his old baseboard heaters for the solution that handles all temperatures. And does a better job than any other heating or cooling system he’s used before.

In this case study, we’ll cover: 

  • Ductless Mini Split Vs. Window Air Conditioners

  • Adding Heat With Ductless Heating And Cooling

  • Mini Split Installation In A Donnelley, ID Cabin

And, if your cabin, vacation house, or home in the Treasure River is ready for a comfort and efficiency upgrade, download the free brochure below to learn more. 

Ductless Mini Split Vs. Window Air Conditioners

Our homeowner’s first big question was: what makes a ductless mini split better than window air conditioners. Our answer was, “Everything!” They’re quieter, use less energy, require less maintenance, and do a better job. 

To understand how it does all that, let’s take a moment to talk about how they work. Then, we’ll dive into each of these features. 

How Ductless Works

How A Ductless System WorksDuctless heating and cooling uses an outdoor heat pump to transfer heat out of the cabin in the winter and into it in the summer. 

The heat goes from one place to another thanks to a refrigerant liquid going a loop through the indoor and outdoor components. Since the refrigerant attracts heat, thermal energy “travels” with the liquid as it works through the system. 

This process eliminates the need for ductwork! Instead, all we have is the heat pump and an air handler in each room you want to treat. 

That’s the quick explanation. You can read more in our article here. Now, let’s look at those benefits. 


Mini splits are whisper-quiet! Even at their loudest, they never make more sound than people whispering in a library. You don’t get the sound of forced air rushing through ductwork. 

And, you never need to turn down the TV like you do when there’s a window unit in the room making a whole lot of noise.

Less Maintenance

Our homeowner will never have to worry about dragging a portable AC out of storage, cleaning it, and shoving it in a window! We permanently install ductless systems since they work all year long. 

The indoor units are tucked away where the corner meets the floor. They’re out of sight and out of mind. All anyone notices is comfort!

Less Energy 

Adding A Condenser Outside For This Ductless UnitA mini split uses a fraction of the electric baseboard heaters or window ACs use. That’s in part because the heat pump moves heat. It never burns fossil fuels to create. 

Now, his energy bills are barely an expense at all for his cabin. And, the place feels more comfortable than ever. 

Better Comfort 

We save the best for last: Exceptional comfort! Mini splits always maintain the temperature to within a degree of your thermostat setting. 

There’s no overdoing it, which can happen with window units. And, you don’t get that temperature drift in the winter. You know, when the house gets too chilly before the heat kicks on. 


Adding Heat With Ductless Heating And Cooling

Air conditioning was our homeowner’s primary concern for his cabin. Finding out that he could replace his baseboard heaters as well as a pleasant surprise! 

With a Hyper Heat model, his new system can provide heat even when it’s negative 13 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, more than enough to handle a Donnelley, ID winter

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Mini Split Installation In A Donnelley, ID Cabin

The mini split installation in this Donnelley, ID cabin too just over an average day! We installed the outdoor heat pump plus two indoor air handlers in one ten-hour session. In that short time, we overhauled his heating and cooling— and comfort! — completely. 


Since the cabin wasn’t that large, we needed a two-zone system. That means one heat pump outside and two indoor air handlers. We put one low-wall unit in the main living area. The other’s in the bedroom. 

Finally, we ran lines through the walls from each indoor unit out to the heat pump. As a result, our homeowner didn’t have to take up a lot of space inside by adding ductwork. Instead, all he ever sees are the air handlers against the wall. 

If your cabin is ready for a comfort upgrade, click below or call (208) 205-9078 to book a free consultation with Snowflake Air. We’ll help you find the best way to stay comfortable in every season in a Donnelly, ID mini split installations.