Save Energy And Money With Zoned Heating And Cooling

Save Energy And Money With Zoned Heating And CoolingZoned heating and cooling saves energy and money, while also improving your home comfort. You may have heard of zoned heating and cooling before, but aren’t exactly sure what it is. In this article, we will explain zoning your comfort, how you can do it, and what the advantages are.

What Is Zoned Heating And Cooling?

Zoned heating and cooling is when you divide your home into different “zones” so they can be treated independently of one another. Traditionally, heating and air conditioning systems are designed to bring the entire building to the same temperature. There’s normally one thermostat, and once you set the home to that setting, it will try and make every room that temperature.

When you break your home into different zones, you will be able to control the temperatures for each one separately. You can have one zone set at 70 degrees, another zone at 73, and another zone completely off if you’d like. It gives an extra layer of control to customize your comfort, and also save energy.


How Zoning Your HVAC System Saves Energy And Money

When you zone your heating and air conditioning, you are targeting specific spots in the home to heat and cool. You aren’t wasting energy by trying to treat the entire home. This is often a big energy waster. Breaking your home into different zones leads to improved comfort, and energy savings.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can reduce your energy use by up to 30% by zoning your HVAC system.

First off, you likely aren’t using most of the home all day. Your bedrooms often go unused in the daytime, and most houses have a room or two that is unused all the time. There is a lot of money and energy wasted on these unused rooms. This is an easy way to save energy using zoned HVAC.

Another reason lots of central air conditioners waste energy is in the delivery of the treated air. These systems usually use ducts to carry air from the central unit throughout the building to each area. The further away the area is, the harder it is to get the air there. Especially if there is a problem with the duct system.

Some ducts can leak air, and start to fail after time. This is a source of energy loss and makes it harder on your heating or cooling system.

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How You Can Zone Your Heating And Cooling

There are a few different ways you can zone your cooling and heating systems. In the past, people would use space heaters or window air conditioners, which are inefficient, and inconvenient ways of zoning your heating and cooling. These would often lead to too many uneven comfort levels. Today there are better ways for you to zone the system without replacing it, and there are also systems you can install that are zoning-friendly already.

Adding Dampers To Your Ducts

It is possible to add dampers that will cut off or redirect air around your home in your current duct system, which will break your home into multiple zones. The most common dampers have always been manual dampers, which you can close and open by hand. Today, there are also electrical dampers you can install that hook up to your thermostat.

If you install electrical dampers, you will also want to make adjustments to the thermostat, most likely replacing it with one that serves a multi-zone system.

Install Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless Mini Split Installation In Boise, IDDuctless mini splits are naturally broken into different zones and spread throughout the home or business they are comforting. Each air handler is placed in a particular location, and attaches to a heat pump condenser unit outside.

These systems are great for several reasons. They can each operate independently of one another, allowing you to break your home into different zones like we are trying to achieve here. They are also whisper quiet, and EXTREMELY energy efficient. Ductless mini splits are also perfect for treating problem areas around your home that never seem to stay comfortable.

Installing A Smart Multi-Zone Thermostat

We mentioned this briefly above, but installing a smart thermostat, that accounts for all zones of the house is another way you can zone your HVAC system. There are certain thermostats that come with sensors you can place around your home, that account for the temperature everywhere, not just by the main thermostat. You may need to do a little work with your HVAC system as well, but a new and improved thermostat does wonders for regulating temperature and saving energy. 

Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning In Boise, ID

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