A Ductless Mini Split Makes Your Home Office Comfortable

A Ductless Mini Split Makes Your Home Office ComfortableOne of the things that the pandemic really promoted was working from home. It’s a trend that has grown over the years anyway, but now it seems like everyone has some form of a home office or workspace. Maybe you are reading this from your home office or nook. 

America has reinvented itself many times over. We have changed how we work, school and socialize. We have “adjusted” and “made do”, creating new ways to stay productive, even if you can’t get to an office.

And with this new flexibility, we have found that we actually can work from home – sometimes as a full time endeavor and sometimes a hybrid of some days at home and some days at the office. 

We want to talk to you about the best solution to heat and cool your home office: a ductless mini split. 

What Makes a Great Home Office?

The Place

The best place for a home office is a dedicated room – frequently a spare room. A dedicated room allows you to shut the door at the end of your working day and “go home,” leaving your work behind. The best home offices are only used as a home office.

Spare rooms make ideal workspaces as these rooms are frequently in remote areas of a house. Think third-floor bedrooms, attic space, or remote guest rooms.

The plus of this kind of arrangement is that you have a measure of privacy that is not typically available in a living room home office or a nook in the kitchen.

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The downside of using a spare room for your home office smacks right up against the plus side. The space is frequently in a remote part of the house – good for privacy but maybe not so good for comfort.

You see the rooms furthest away from your heating and cooling operation are also frequently too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

So did I mention that the perfect home office also has to be comfortable?!

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A great home office needs to have a comfortable environment that adjusts to conditions outside. It is one thing to “put on a sweater” and make do for a few hours.

It is another thing entirely to spend an entire office day bundled up with a space heater or stripped down to your skivvies with a table fan blasting away. Another solution we get complaints about is a window AC unit.

It’s usually too loud, and tends to make the office TOO cold. 

So while these spare rooms seem like a perfect solution offering privacy by utilizing unused space, it is not a good solution unless it is a room that you can actually work in!

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What Makes the Mini Split Affordable

Mini Split Installations In Meridian, IDWhat makes the mini split affordable is the ability to utilize its heating and cooling power only when you want to. When you are not in the room, simply turn the system off and close the door behind you leaving “work” at the office.

While the unit cost may seem high at first, the savings are real. There is no need to go through the expense and mess of running ductwork to a remote space.

Most single-room mini split installations can be completed in one day with little or no disruption to the homeowner.

And, mini splits are very energy efficient. In some cases, your utility bills can actually go down! Compare the operating costs of a mini split vs. baseboard heat (not to mention the comfort difference).

While there are pros and cons of ductless heating and cooling, many people find that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

The short answer to finding out if the mini split is right for your home office is to do your homework. Reach out to some of our area’s heating and cooling experts like Snowflake Heating and Cooling.

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Heat Pump and Mini Split Installation in Donnelley, ID

If you are looking to install a heat pump mini split in your Donnelley, ID home, we can help you out! Finding out if a mini split is right for your home office is easy if you do your homework. Reach out to some of our area’s heating and cooling experts like Snowflake Heating and Cooling in Eagle, ID. Give us a call at (208) 205-9078 or click on the button below to visit us online!