Five Ways To Get Better Cooling For Less Money This Summer

Air conditioning is essential in the summer. But, the outrageous electric bill that comes with it doesn’t have to come with it!

With the weather getting warmer and warmer in the summer, more people rely on air conditioning to stay comfortable and avoid health problems from overheating.

 And, here in Idaho, running the AC also helps filter out smoke and air pollution from wildfires.

 But, with energy prices getting higher and higher, it’s tougher now to keep your home cool without breaking the bank.

 Tougher, but far from impossible.

 This article will look at four ways to keep your home comfortable while lowering your electric bill. They range from easy, DIY strategies to some low-cost solutions.

 We’ll also clear up a few misconceptions about your HVAC system. Finally, we’ll point you toward an excellent upgrade if you’re looking to replace your old AC system soon.

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Five Ways To Make Your Air Conditioner Use Less Electricity

You can save money on your electric bill this summer when your air conditioner uses less electricity. Here are five ways to keep your AC in great shape and allow it to work the way it’s designed:

  1. Get A Pre-Season Tune-Up
  2. Replace The Filter
  3. Keep Your Vents Clear
  4. Use Your Curtains
  5. Use The Best Thermostat Settings

Get A Pre-Season Tune-Up

One of the best ways to maintain your air conditioner’s efficiency is with a tune-up, or preventative maintenance, in the spring. That’s when you have a certified HVAC technician inspect and clean out your system.

A tune-up usually takes about an hour. The technician will inspect dozens of electrical connections and various components. They’ll also lubricate the moving parts and replace anything that’s broken or looks ready to be replaced.

This way, everything will work smoothly all summer, which means the system requires less power to do the job. Plus, you’re less likely to deal with a breakdown when all the components are in excellent condition.

Replace The Filter

Replacing the air filter is very easy to do. It’s also very easy to forget about!

The filter is that cloth screen that slides between your furnace and the beginning of your ductwork. As air flows into the unit, the filter traps dust, dirt, and tiny particles so they don’t get into your system.

But, the filter gets clogged if you don’t replace it often enough. Then, you don’t get enough air going into the system. Then, the system runs more often to maintain the temperature you want.

Since your central AC uses the blower motor and other parts of the furnace, this also applies to the cooling process.

 So, replace the filter every month when the system is running. That goes for heat as well as air conditioning. And replace it every three months when you’re not running your HVAC system.

Keep Your Vents Clear

Each vent in your home should have a square foot of clearance around it. That includes couches and bookshelves but also chairs or tables that only partially block a vent.

This way, the air coming through it can circulate properly. If not, your home won’t get as cool as you want. That means your central air stays on longer than it should and uses more electricity than usual to reach your desired temperature.

Similarly, make sure all your vent registers are open. You may have closed it for the spring by using the tab in the middle of the vent. If you did, check each one to ensure they’re open so air can keep flowing through them.

Use Your Curtains

Here’s a quick tip to help keep your house cool: Keep the curtains closed during the day, and then open them at night. This keeps the sun from heating the rooms in your home.

 It works because you stay in the shade. Meanwhile, the curtains act as insulation to keep the cool air in and the hot air outside.

Then, it works the opposite way at night: You open the curtains, so some of the cooler air from outside gets in.

Use The Best Thermostat Settings

The best recommendation is to keep your thermostat at 78 degrees F in the summer. It sounds high, but it keeps things cooler than you may think. And, turn up your thermostat to 88 degrees while you’re on vacation. That saves money while keeping the house somewhat comfortable for when you return. 

The best thermostat settings in the summer helps you save money by using your system less without sacrificing comfort. It’s a simple way to conserve energy while reducing your heating bills. The same energy savings strategy works in the winter, too. 

Do You Need Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning can improve your system’s performance and enhance your indoor air quality. But, it’s usually not necessary — even if someone is trying to sell you on it.

The only time you’d ever need duct cleaning is if you’re experiencing heating or cooling problems, and there’s also so much junk in the vents that you can see the buildup without any special tools.

In that case, the cleaning clears the way for air to flow through the ductwork more easily. You’ll also have less dust and dirt blowing into each room through the air you breathe in.

Mini Splits Save You Money While Increasing Comfort

If you’re ready for an air conditioning upgrade, then it’s time to consider a mini split heat pump system instead of a new central air conditioner. A mini split does a better job of controlling the temperature in each room. And, it costs much less to run than any conventional AC system.

You can read more about Treasure Valley homeowners who have installed mini splits in their home and love the results.

If you’d like to learn more about installing a ductless mini split in your Kuna, ID home (or anyhere in Boise Metro or Valley County) can increase your Boise Metro home’s comfort and energy efficiency, click below or call Snowflake Air at (208) 205-9078.