When you are spring cleaning your home, it is a great time to clean some of those neglected things you may have never cleaned before, like your vents. Cleaning your vents can be beneficial in many ways.


Why should you clean your vents?

There are many benefits to giving your vents a good cleaning at least once a year. Cleaning your vents can lead to better air quality within your home. Indoor air has been shown to be more polluted than outdoor air, so anything you can do to improve it is helpful, especially for those that suffer from allergies. Things like dust, pollen, hair, pet dander, and other allergens can build up around the opening of your vents. As the air blows through, they can spread throughout your home. Cleaning your vents can also help save money by improving the efficiency of your HVAC system. If there is a large buildup around your vents and in your ducts, your system will have to work harder, which not only uses more energy, but puts more strain on the system.

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How do you clean your vents?

Cleaning your air ducts every 5-7 years will give you maximum results, but this needs to be done by a professional. Cleaning around the opening of your vents, however, will still yield benefits and is something that you can easily do in your spare time. Here are some steps you can take to clean your vents.

  1. Turn off the power to your HVAC source
  2. Use a screw driver (or hex drive) to remove all the vent covers.
  3. Place the covers in a large bin of hot, soapy water to soak while you are cleaning the vents. If they are greasy or very dirty, you can also add some baking soda to the water.
  4. Using a heavy duty vacuum cleaner with a long hose, vacuum as far as you can reach into the vents. If there is excessive buildup, you can use a rag with hot water to loosen up the debris. Continue to wipe or vacuum the vents until all the debris has been removed.
  5. Return to the soaking vent covers. Using an old toothbrush, loosen up the dirt and scrub them clean. When they are clean, rinse and dry them off.
  6. Replace the vent covers.
  7. Remember to change your air filters regularly (typically every 1-3 months) to prevent dust and dirt from blowing through your duct system and home.

Cleaning out your vents is a simple way to help keep the air in your home clean. Next time you are making a list of spring cleaning tasks, don’t forget about those vents. If you are suffering more than normal from allergies or your HVAC system seems to be running excessively, you may need to hire a professional to look deeper into the problem. The friendly technicians at Snowflake Air are ready and waiting to help with all your HVAC problems. Snowflake Air is your Meridian heating and cooling expert.