Does A Ductless Mini Split Heat And Cool?

Does A Mini Split Heat And Cool (Plus More Common Questions)In a short answer…yes! Ductless mini splits are built to heat and cool. There are many different styles and systems, some that only cool, but the majority of ductless systems now are designed to provide cool conditioned air in the summer, and warm, heated air in the winter.

Ductless systems are a great option for a whole home HVAC solution because they have the ability to keep your home comfortable all year long.

Can Ductless Be Used With A Central HVAC System?

Yes, a ductless mini split system can be used alongside a traditional HVAC system. There are a lot of cases of a central air system maybe getting older and not heating and cooling the whole home. Many homeowners would use a window AC unit, or a space heater to compensate in these areas of the house that aren’t staying comfortable.

In recent years, ductless systems are becoming a far more popular solution. In Meridian, ID, homeowners prefer these systems because of their ability to heat and cool, while also saving energy. These ductless mini splits also don’t move and have to be uninstalled like a window AC or a space heater. They are FAR quieter and less invasive than these temporary solutions.

What Is Zoned HVAC?

How Many Rooms Can A Mini Split Cool? (Ductless FAQ)Zoned HVAC is when you can use your system in different spots around the house independently. You don’t have to have the whole house be the same temperature, like a traditional HVAC system. This is great for homes that have people that don’t agree on temperature. It’s also great for energy savings.

Instead of wasting money and energy cooling or heating a space that’s never used, you can leave it unconditioned. If you need to use that part of the house, you simply adjust that zone to the proper temperature. It saves so much money, and keeps the house properly cooled and heated.

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Why Do Mini Splits Not Need Ducts?

Ductless Mini Split Installation In Eagle, IDMini splits are connected to a heat pump outside. All of the air is cooled and heated here, and forced to your mini split through small plastic PVC piping. This runs alongside your home, and directly to your mini split. Your mini split then pumps this air into its zone.

A traditional system usually sends the conditioned air from the central unit, usually in the basement or outside, through a series of ducts that distribute the air throughout your home. Instead of this, the small PVC lines go alongside the house to each mini split.

This is great for homes without ductwork, older traditional homes that you don’t want to be too invasive. This is also great for additions to homes that can’t be fitted for ductwork.

This is another reason ductless mini splits make for a great supplement to a current system that just needs a little help. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of installing any new ducts in your walls.

Do Ductless Mini Splits Save Energy?

Ductless mini splits are designed to be VERY energy efficient and are one of the most cost-effective ways to heat and cool any space. Ductless mini splits can run using very little energy, while maintaining the proper temperatures. Traditional systems tend to use more energy, because they have more work to do.

As we mentioned above, zoning helps you save energy by not having to run every zone at the same temperature. You can use different temperatures around the house and don’t feel forced to waste energy heating and cooling spaces that aren’t being used.

Certain ductless mini splits are also Energy Star certified. This is a badge certifying that they are one of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems you can use in your home.

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Ductless Mini Split Installation In Meridian, ID

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