Ductless Mini Split Adds Comfort To Bonus Room In Nampa, IDMaybe things were different 100 years ago. But today, whole-home comfort isn’t too much to ask. That’s why it was time for these Nampa, ID homeowners to get a ductless mini split that adds heating and cooling (and comfort!) to their bonus room. 

Like many older homes, this house had what we call a “bonus room” on top. It wasn’t quite a third floor, and it was a little nicer than an unfinished attic. It made a great second rec room, but only for so many months out of the year. 

With no heating or cooling, it was too hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. So, the homeowners called us here at Snowflake Air. 

They wanted to find the best options for adding excellent comfort that wouldn’t send their utility bills through the roof. 

In this case study, we’ll cover: 

  • Why Bonus Rooms In Old Homes Didn’t Have Heat Or Ac 
  • Single-Zone Ductless Heating And Cooling 
  • Heating And Cooling A Bonus Room Helps The Whole House
  • More Ductless Advantages
  • Mini Split Installation In Nampa, ID 

And, if your Nampa, ID home has that one problem room that’s always too hot or too cold, call or email us at Snowflake Air. You’ll get a free consultation to help you find the perfect comfort solution for your family.

Problem: A century-old home in Nampa, ID had a bonus room above the house without air conditioning or heating.

Solution: Installed a single-zone ductless mini split. It provides comfortable, energy-efficient heating and cooling. 

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Why Bonus Rooms In Old Homes Didn’t Have Heat Or AC

Our homeowners had to ask: Why didn’t the bonus room in their pre-war home have heat or AC in the first place? 

It likely wasn’t built with ducts and vents in mind. We only started seeing these setups in residential dwellings in the last few years leading up to 1920. 

And, even after that, these setups still had their limitations. The big problem was pressure: Having enough to force the air through the system to every room in the house. This issue occurs even with a regular two-story home. 

Then, you factor in ductwork installed after the home was built. It requires extra turns and longer runs to get around existing structures. The longer the air has to go, and the more turns it takes, the weaker the pressure. 

Old ductwork that did reach the third floor often tapered. The idea was to create more pressure to push the last of the conditioned air to the top. But, the circulation up there was still weak. 

In this case, no one even tried with this room. Maybe it was initially just storage space. Or, as time went on, people made do with portable heaters and AC. Either way, it was time for a change.


Single-Zone Ductless Heating And Cooling

How A Ductless System WorksWe recommended a single-zone ductless heating and cooling system. These are usually called mini splits because it’s divided into small indoor and outdoor units. It would provide the power of a central system for both heating and cooling. And, it would work only on that top floor. 

Mini splits get the best of both worlds because it doesn’t move air from the top floor to another part of the house. Instead, it only moves heat. Here’s how that works: 

We install an air handler on the third floor. With a nice wide-open space, we just need to mount a single indoor until on the wall to treat the entire area. The air handler draws in the air from the space, heats or cools it, and then recirculates it. 

Next, we put a ductless heat pump outside. It draws in heat during the winter to warm the house (yes, there’s enough available). In the summer, it gets rid of the heat in the house. 

To connect the two and move the heat around, we link the indoor and outdoor units with a line carrying refrigerant fluid back and forth in a closed loop. The heat “rides” with the coolant. 

This way, we can zero in on that one room to heat and cool. Now, it’ll be just as comfortable as downstairs— maybe even more! And, the new unit also helps out with the rest of the house.

Heating And Cooling A Bonus Room Helps The Whole House

Not only can our homeowners expect their bonus room to finally feel great all year. Their new heating and cooling system will also help out with the rest of the house! 

The extreme temperatures in that one room affected those around it. Now, it’s easier for the house’s central system to treat those second-floor rooms. It doesn’t have a giant cold spot in the winter, sucking up the heat. 

Also, extra warmth won’t collect in the bedrooms because the bonus room is too hot. Now, with that room cool, any excess heat will pass through it rather than build up in the other room. 


More Ductless Advantages

As if the mini split didn’t already hit the nail on the head, our homeowners learned about a few other advantages that make ductless a great option: 

  • Energy-Efficiency 

  • Quiet Operation

  • Easy Installation

Energy Efficiency

The new system uses a fraction of the energy that virtually any other setup would use to heat or cool that area. Once the mini split is installed and paid off, our homeowners will barely notice a blip on their bills. 


Quiet Operation

Without the rushing sound of forced air through the vents, there’s almost no noise at all coming from that indoor unit. Even at top speed, our homeowners would have to stand right under it in perfect silence to hear anything. 

Easy Installation

We install a one-zone mini split in a single day! There’s no extra work on the house and no need to configure any rooms to account for the equipment. 

For this Nampa home, we simply mounted the air handler on an exterior wall. Then, we placed the heat pump directly below it. The lineset that houses the coolant line and power is about as wide as a rain gutter.

So, we ran the lines out from behind the air handler and down the side of the house. It’s barely noticeable, and our homeowners can paint it later on if they really want it to blend in. 

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Mini Split Installation In Nampa, ID 

Does your Nampa, ID home have rooms that are too hot or too cold? Now, you can finally get the comfort you want without driving up your utility bills. Reach out to us here at Snowflake Air. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll help you decide if a mini split installation is the right choice for you and your family with an experienced mini split installer in Nampa, ID.