Ductless Mini Split Solves Second-Floor HVAC Problem: Eagle, ID

This beautiful home in Eagle, ID had an all-too-common problem: bedrooms that never felt comfortable. The fall and spring were okay. But, people’s feet were cold in the winter, and everyone was hot and miserable in the summer.

Then, our homeowners called us here at Snowflake Air. And, they quickly learned that their problem wasn’t unusual.

A common cause is simply the thermostat placement: With the thermostat on the first floor, all the bedrooms never got regulated right. However, this home also had a larger problem.

We realized that the existing ductwork wasn’t optimized for the space. As a result, not even a brand-new furnace and AC could do the job. The best-in-class wouldn’t overcome the poor circulation.

Fortunately, we had a solution that would bypass the crummy forced-air setup. And, it would make each room in their house more comfortable than they had ever been.

In this case study, we’ll discuss:

  1. Ductwork Problems In Eagle, ID Homes
  2. How Ductless Mini Splits Provide “Zoned” HVAC
  3. More Ductless Heating And Cooling Benefits
  4. Installing A Ductless System In An Eagle, ID Home

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Problem: The master bedroom in this Eagle, ID home was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter due to poor circulation through the vents.

Solution: Installed a Mitsubishi single-zone ductless mini split. It provides comfortable, consistent heating and cooling in all seasons.

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Ductwork Problems In Eagle, ID Homes

Let’s start with our homeowners’ problem: poor ductwork that resulted in weak air circulation throughout the house. This situation played a huge role in why their bedrooms were so uncomfortable.

Without getting too technical: the ductwork took too long to reach each room. And, in a few places, the corners were too sharp.

As a result, even the best furnace couldn’t generate enough force to push the air all the way through the system. By the time the warmed or cooled air got to the second floor, it was too weak to do the job.

The other problem was the thermostat: It only measured the first floor, because that’s where it was located.

So, the ductwork would warm or cool the first floor. The thermostat would see the job was done and shut off the heating and cooling system. But, the second-floor rooms were still too warm or cold.

How Ductless Mini Splits Provide “Zoned” HVAC

Zoned Ductless Boise ID

With a ductless mini split heating and cooling system, we could give every room in this home the treatment it needed. And we could do it without relying on the existing ductwork.


What makes this heating and cooling system different from traditional HVAC is that it treats the air in each room. That’s different from drawing air from every part of the house into the central system and then pushing it back out.

Instead, we can place an air handler in each room or “zone” upstairs. Each of these indoor units has a built-in thermostat.

As a result, each zone gets individual, customized treatment. That means no more relying on the thermostat downstairs for the second-floor bedrooms.

And, we’re not pushing air throughout the house. Instead, we connect the indoor units to an outdoor heat pump through a line set that pumps refrigerant back and forth. There are no worries about air pressure this way.

Finally, the air handlers can detect hot or cold spots in a room and direct heated or cooled air to the exact spots that need them! It’s especially useful when you have a large open space or high ceilings.

Without worrying about the ductwork, the mini split system would deliver superior comfort to every room. And, the advantages don’t stop there!

More Ductless Heating And Cooling Benefits

Our homeowners were most concerned about finally getting even, consistent, and comfortable temperatures in every room of their house. And, they were delighted to find out that their new ductless heating and cooling system would offer even more benefits!

Whisper-Quiet Comfort

A Ductless Mini Split Provides Whisper Quiet ComfortThe air handlers make almost no noise at all. That’s in large part because there’s no giant blower pushing air throughout the house. Instead, you have some tiny, built-in fans circulating the air in a much smaller space.

As a result, the mini split adds no extra sound to the rooms. During the times it’s running when the central system is not, our homeowners won’t hear a thing.


Energy Efficiency

Next, a mini split uses nearly no electricity to keep people comfortable. That makes them especially energy-efficient. There are a lot of technical reasons, but they boil down to this:

The outdoor unit uses a heat transfer process to move thermal energy instead of burning fossil fuels to create it. And, the system maintains the temperature instead of turning on and off over and over again.

Now, our homeowners are saving money on their monthly bills while enjoying a more comfortable home!

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Installing A Ductless System In A Eagle, ID Home

It took us less than a week to install a ductless system in the upstairs rooms of this Eagle, ID home. Since we weren’t messing with the ductwork, there was minimal construction going on.

Instead, we just found the best spot in each room to mount the air handlers on the wall. We did our best to line them up with each other. And, we placed a few on exterior walls.

That way, we ran the lines from the heat pump to each indoor unit as neatly as possible. Since the lineset is narrow and flexible, most of it runs between the rafters like electrical wiring.

This way, all our homeowners see is a stand-alone unit on each wall. And, all they notice are rooms that are just the right temperature every day of the year.

Are you ready to improve the comfort of your home in the Treasure Valley without increasing your energy bills? Call or email us at Snowflake Air for a free consultation about a mini split setup and installation in Eagle, ID.