What good is an addition to your house if you can’t use it all the time?

That’s the problem our homeowners in Kuna, ID discovered. They added a sunroom to the back of their ranch home. The extra space would provide a quiet sitting area way from the TV. 

Even with all the amenities they added, it was less expensive than a formal addition to their home. And, they knew it wouldn’t get the same heating and cooling as the rest of the house. 

But, they didn’t realize what a difference that would make. 

In this case study, we’ll look at why ductless heating and cooling is such an excellent option for a sunroom. And, we’ll talk about the quick, easy installation in this Kuna, ID home. 

And feel free to call or email us if you’re considering an installation like this for your Treasure Valley home. With a free consultation, you can learn more about how it would fit your unique needs. 

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Problem: Kuna, ID homeowners installed a new sunroom on the back of their home. But, they couldn’t use it year-round because there was no heating or cooling.

Solution: Added a single-zone ductless mini split heat pump system. It handles heating and air conditioning. And, it has a thermostat for excellent climate control.

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Four Benefits Of Ductless Heating And Cooling For A Sunroom

Four Benefits Of Ductless Heating And Cooling For A SunroomA ductless heating and cooling system — also called a mini-split — offers quite a few benefits overextending the forced-air ductwork system in your home to this area. A mini split gives you:

  1. Great Control
  2. Excellent Comfort
  3. Easy Installation
  4. Low Energy Bills

Great Control

The air handler we’d install as part of the mini-split has a built-in thermostat. That means you’re not linked up to your central HVAC system. And, if you’ve ever had bedrooms too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, you know that can be a problem. 

One thermostat controlling the entire house means you’re not getting accurate readings in every room. That makes a huge difference with a sunroom. 

This addition doesn’t have the same insulation as the main house. So, heat escapes quickly in the winter and gets in easily in the summer. 

But, it’s not a problem with ductless. Since your air handler measures and regulates the temperature, you get the exact heating and cooling you need at all times.  

Excellent Comfort

Not only is the temperature always just right with a mini split, but it also just feels better overall. And, with a single system providing both heat and air conditioning, you get excellent comfort all year. 

Part of the secret is, again, in the air handler. 

It’s equipped with sensors and motors to find and treat hot and cold spots in a single room. That gets rid of any drafts or problems like that. 

Next, the heat pump has a variable speed motor. So, it’s not turning on and off a few times an hour, with the temperature drifting up and down. 

Instead, it gets the climate how you want it. Then, the system reverts to a low-power mode. It runs most of the time like this, where it can maintain a temperature that’s much steadier than you’d get with conventional HVAC. 

Easy Installation

How Ductless Works Boise IDWe’ll go more in-depth about this when we discuss this house in particular. But, the big advantage here is not adding ductwork. 

That cuts the cost significantly. And, you don’t change the look and feel of your home. 

Plus, reworking the ducts in your home to account for a new area affects the rest of your house. You lose pressure along the way, and your furnace may not be strong enough to handle it all. 

By zoning things, you get the comfort you want without affecting the rest of the house. 

Low Energy Bills

If there’s one drawback to these systems, it’s the cost: A single-zone ductless mini split costs a little over three grand to purchase and install. But, that’s for heating and cooling. And, you’ll save money in the long run. 

A heat pump doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat. Instead, it just moves that thermal energy from one place to another. That means out of the house in the summer and into the house in the winter. 

All it needs is a tiny bit of energy to run the components. Then, it pretty much works on its own. 

You’ll pay upfront, certainly. But you’ll barely notice a blip on your bills after that. 

Ductless Heating and Cooling Installation In A Kuna, ID Sunroom

We’ve talked at length now about all the benefits of a mini split. Now, we’ll tell you how we got them all set up in this sunroom in a single day!

That’s another great advantage of ductless: It’s a breeze to set up. 

All we need to do is find the right spot for the heat pump outside. In this case, it’s right next to the AC condenser on the side of the house. 

Then, we mounted the air handler on the inside of the wall, as close as possible to the heat pump. Since it’s powerful enough for the whole room, we can place it up high and out of the way. 

Then, we ran a line set that houses the refrigerant and condenser lines connecting the indoor and outdoor components, along with the air handler’s power supply. 

That bundle is only a few inches in diameter. We put it in a PVC line hide to keep it neat and tidy and linked up everything. 

Then, we headed out, leaving our homeowners to sit and relax in their perfectly climate-controlled lounge, basking in that all that natural light and wonderful peace and quiet. 

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Ductless Mini Split Installation In Kuna, ID

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