Our precision furnace tune-up consists of 26 steps for cleaning, testing, validating and running a performance test on your home heating system. I’d like to share a recent experience we had with a system we performed a precision tune-up on. We ran all our tests, did our cleaning, etc, and everything looked good. Our last step was to run our HeatMaxx performance test on the system. This test gives us insight into the performance of the system and can make us aware of possible problems. After taking the various measurements and performing the HeatMaxx calculations we found a point of concern: a very high static pressure in the furnace. Although it’s not part of our furnace tune-up we decided to dig in a bit further and check the A/C coil. This is what we found

This coil is extremely dirty, caked with dirt, dust and who knows what else. We immediately turned to the heat exchanger to perform a thorough inspection and found cracks – a death sentence for heat exchangers. A cracked heat exchanger is very dangerous as it can allow poisonous carbon monoxide gas to leak and get into the home. We’ve all heard the horror stories that can come from carbon monoxide poisoning. Luckily, this was found before any significant amount of carbon monoxide was getting into the home. We don’t want to panic anyone, this is not a common occurrence, but it can certainly happen, and our HeatMaxx performance test, along with the wise decision making of our technicians can be a true lifesaver. HeatMaxx performance testing has other great benefits as well, including the discovery of other potential problems with the system that can lead to significant savings in your monthly energy bill. If you’re the type of person who appreciates outstanding service, and would like to see the benefits of our HeatMaxx performance testing for your home, please schedule a precision tune-up with us today!