How Many Rooms Can A Mini Split Cool? (And More Common Questions)

How Many Rooms Can A Mini Split Cool? (Ductless FAQ)A mini split can cool one room, an entire house, or any size area in between. Generally, one air handler can heat and cool a single room with no obstructions. After that, you can add up to eight indoor units to a heat pump.

Here in Boise Metro and Valley County, we’ve installed all sorts of different configurations. We’ve done single-zone setups for home offices, sunrooms, and the one room that’s always too hot in the summer. 

We’ve also designed ductless systems that heat and cool entire homes. It’s especially popular for homes in Boise that are over a hundred years old and never had ductwork. 

Mini splits also work great for new construction in Kuna or Nampa. Ductless systems provide better comfort than conventional, builder-grade forced-air HVAC systems. And, you can get more space in each room if you design your home with ductless in mind. 

But, how do they do all that? And what kind of equipment would you need? 

We’ll answer all that and more in this article. It starts with an overview of how ductless works and the most common configurations. Then, we’ll dig deeper into your choices and options. 

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Of course, the best equipment in the world is only as good as the installation. And, as you’ll see, there’s a lot to choose from. You need an expert HVAC contractor with plenty of mini split experience and certifications to help you find the best models and features for your home’s unique needs. 

Otherwise, you risk wasting money on a system that doesn’t perform the way it should and breaks down after just a few years. 

That’s where we come in. 

Snowflake Air specializes in heat pump and mini split installation. We’re experienced and certified to work on all major heat pump and ductless brands, including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Carrier, and more. 

When you’re done reading, please call us with any questions! We offer free consultations and are happy to help. You can reach us at (208) 205-9078.

Mini Splits Are Versatile And Customizable

Ductless Fits Perfectly Because It's So Easily CustomizableMini splits come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. A single indoor air handler can work alongside an existing heating and cooling system to address a “problem room” that’s always too hot or too cold.

 Adding more air handlers treats more areas of a house or building, up to and including the entire structure.

And, since mini splits last much longer than furnaces and central air, it’s important to find the best spots for the equipment. That’s both for functionality and aesthetics. 

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Easy, Non-Invasive Installation

Ductless systems are easy to install and don’t require ductwork. All you need is a small lineset that connects the indoor units to a heat pump outside.

So, you can place the indoor components just about anywhere. Your contractor should be able to take measurements and explain the best spots in each room and how the mini split will look in your home.

Each indoor unit draws in the air from the room or zone it’s treating. The air gets cooled or heated right there, and then it recirculates. A refrigerant liquid that runs in a loop through the lineset moves the heat between the air handlers and the heat pump.

Single-Zone Vs. Multi-Zone

A single-zone system is perfect for that one room that’s always too hot or cold. Often, it’s a room above a garage or the part of the house furthest away from the furnace. In that case, it supplements your existing system.

Every air handler has a built-in thermostat, so they operate individually. You can set these to different temperatures or assign them all the same to eliminate hot and cold spots.

Certain heat pump models can support up to eight air handlers. So, you can treat more than one room — maybe a sunroom as well, or add extra comfort to the living room.

A multi-zone setup can also be your home’s primary heating and cooling source. Most homes require four or five air handlers. And, today’s heat pumps keep you warm even when it’s negative 13 degrees Fahrenheit outside — much colder than it ever gets in the Treasure Valley.

Can One Mini Split Cool Multiple Rooms?

Depending on the layout, a single-zone mini split with a single air handler can heat or cool multiple rooms. For instance, one unit can treat an open-plan floor with no walls between the different rooms. Or if there’s a half-wall or doorway but no door between a kitchen and dining room.

In these cases, your HVAC contractor needs to find the best position for the air handler to reach more than one room. Various models have 32 distinct airflow patterns to account for different layouts and obstacles. 

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Do I Need A Mini Split In Every Room?

Ductless Air Conditioning Is Perfect For Zoned Cooling And HeatingAn air handler may be required in every room if the mini split will be the home’s primary heating and cooling source. Open-plan layouts and smaller spaces may only need one unit for multiple rooms, but that depends on the exact configuration and the heating and cooling needs. 

As we mentioned before, it’s sometimes possible to position an air handler to treat two or more rooms that don’t have a doorway in between them. In other cases, we can add vents over doorways, so air flows from room to room. 

Another option is a short-ducted run. That’s when we run a few small ducts from an air handler leading to different rooms. This comes in handy for homes with more than three bedrooms.

You lose some customization because you can’t set the temperature in each room individually. But, the upstairs air handler is still separate from other units in the house. So, you don’t run into the common problem with forced-air systems where the thermostat downstairs never gives the second-floor rooms enough heat or AC.  

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Mini Split Installation In Meridian, ID

Snowflake Air is the trusted name for mini split installations done right in Meridian, ID and throughout Metro Boise and Valley County. We believe these systems are the future of HVAC, and we’re committed to making homes as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. Call (208) 205-9078 for your free consultation.