Heating and cooling your home is nothing to lose sleep over. But that’s what was happening to our homeowners in Eagle, ID. 

They called us because their master suite wasn’t all that comfortable. By the time the dog days of summer kicked in, the room was too hot. And, they’d get so chilly in January and February that it was tough to get up in the morning. 

The rest of the house seemed fine! They had a great HVAC system, except when it came to this room. Could we help?  

In this case study, we’ll cover: 

  • Ventilation Problems In A 16-Year-Old Eagle, ID Home
  • Single-Zone Ductless Heating And Cooling
  • More Mini Split Benefits
  • Ductless Heating And Cooling Installation In Eagle, ID

Here at Snowflake Air, we believe the bedroom in your Eagle, ID should always be comfortable enough to sleep soundly after a long day. If you’re tossing and turning because it’s too hot or too cold, call or email us for a free consultation. 

Problem: A home built in 2006 had poor ventilation in the master suite. As a result, the room was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Solution: Installed a single-zoning ductless heating and cooling system in the bedroom. It provides excellent, energy-efficient comfort all year long. 

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Ventilation Problems In A 16-Year-Old Eagle, ID Home

Unfortunately, heating and cooling is often an afterthought when contractors are building a home. Even though you need to put a lot of thought and care into where you place your ductwork and vents, surprisingly few homes get it right. 

Instead, we see ductwork take all sorts of weird turns and odd paths to each room. It happens because someone fits it around the beams, joists, and other structures that are already in place. 

It’s a problem because the system relies on pressure to push the heat or cooled air throughout the house. And, the longer the path, or more winding it is, the more pressure you lose along the way. 

And, the second-floor rooms usually get it the worst. By then, the pressure and air circulation are weak. Then, you add in that this master suite was quite large with only a few vents. 

There wasn’t nearly enough circulation to treat the entire space. 

It was also the room where our homeowners noticed the problem the most. After all, it was their sanctuary! The place they went to relax, unwind, and get a good night’s sleep. 

That’s hard to do when you’re hot and clammy in the summer. Or feeling your toes get cold while you lay there in the winter. 

That’s where ductless comes in. 

Single-Zone Ductless Heating And Cooling

Diagram Of Ductless Heating And Cooling In Meridian, IDOur homeowner asked us if ductless heating and cooling would work in this case. They’d heard about it but didn’t know all the details. Once we filled them in, they were excited to finally get the comfort they wanted in their bedroom! 

Specifically, we recommended a single-zone ductless mini split to solve the problem. It starts with a heat pump outside to transfer heat in or out of the house.

Then, we’d mount a single air handler in the master suite. That one indoor unit would be strong enough to heat and cool the bedroom and connected bathroom. 

It’s as strong as the furnace and AC handling the rest of the house. In fact, they could use a mini split for their entire home if they wanted. 

But, they only needed to address this one room. And, ductless is excellent for solving isolated problems like this. 

The air handler has a built-in thermostat, so they wouldn’t rely on the gauge downstairs. Now, the room would always get the precise treatment needed to be at the right temperature all the time. 

Meanwhile, mini splits are known for providing exceptional comfort. 


More Mini Split Advantages

Along with providing outstanding comfort, mini splits are also: 

  • Energy-Efficient
  • Whisper-Quiet
  • Expandable


Ductless heat pump systems use a fraction of the energy of any conventional HVAC system out there. Even if our homeowner set up a multi-zone system for the whole house, they’d use less power than their furnace and AC. 

With just one zone, there will barely be a blip on their bills. 



How important is this for the room where our homeowners sleep: No additional noise! Even when it’s working its hardest, the air handler produces about the same volume of people whispering in a library. 

And, most of the time, it runs in a low-speed, low-power mode. That’s even quieter, and it makes the room even more comfortable by maintaining a constant, steady temperature. 


You can attach up to eight air handlers on a single ductless heat pump. That means our homeowners can add even more zones down the line if they want. 

And, since the first one works so well, it’s something they’re considering down the line. 

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Ductless Heating And Cooling Installation In Eagle, ID

Installing a ductless heating and cooling system is especially easy. It only takes one day for us to put in a single-zone system for a master suite like this one in Eagle, ID. 

First, we went over the space and conferred with the homeowners, and decided on a single-zone setup.

There was a good spot on the wall where the air handler could reach into the bathroom without blowing too much air right on the bed. We marked the spot and went outside to find the best place for the heat pump. 

Then, we mapped out the line set. The air handler wasn’t on an exterior wall, so that we couldn’t run it straight through the wall to the outdoor unit. 

But, we were able to run it through the wall behind the air handler. That way, you don’t see any lines inside. And, outside, it looks like another rain gutter running down the side of the house. 

After that, the master suite was all set for all seasons! Our homeowners sleep great every night in perfect comfort. And, you can enjoy the same rest and relaxation in your Treasure Valley Home! 

Contact Snowflake Air for a free consultation for a mini split installation services in Eagle, ID, and we’ll help you decide if a setup like this is right for you.