Mini Split Solves Master Bedroom AC Problem In Eagle, IDOur homeowners in Eagle, ID were tired — literally! — of their master bedroom never feeling comfortable enough. It always seemed to be too hot or too cold. Their toes were cold when they woke up in the winter. And, by the dead of summer, it was nearly unbearable. No matter how much they turned up the heat or AC, nothing seemed to work. 

And, it wasn’t just a comfort problem. The extreme temperatures made it tough to get to sleep and hard to get up in the morning. They knew they had to make a change, but they weren’t sure what to do. 

We came out and inspected the ductwork and HVAC system. Once we saw what was going on, we made a few suggestions. Our homeowners decided on installing a single-zone mini split. And, once they did, they were happier, more comfortable, and more well-rested than ever before! 

In this case study, we’ll review:

  • Ductwork Problems In Newer Homes
  • Single-Zone Ductless Heating And Cooling In A Bedroom
  • Installing A Mini Split In An Eagle, ID Bedroom

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Problem: The master bedroom is a 15-year-old Eagle, ID home was always too hot or too cold. The ductwork didn’t provide enough airflow to heat and cool it. 

Solution: Installed a one-zone Mitsubishi ductless mini split. It provides excellent supplemental heating and cooling to keep the room comfortable in all seasons.

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Ductwork Problems In Newer Homes

You’d think that, by the 21st century, we’d have our home cooling strategies down cold (pardon the pun). But the truth is, there are still many limitations when it comes to ductwork and forced-air systems — even in homes built over the last twenty years. 

But, some problems don’t go away. In particular, there’s thermostat placement and losing pressure along the lines. 

Any forced-air system will lose pressure as air travels from the furnace. So, the further a room is from that source, the weaker the circulation is in that space. Upstairs rooms get it the worst because you’re also fighting against gravity. 

The problem gets worse when heating and cooling is an afterthought. And, in most builds, that’s the case. An HVAC company has to run ductwork around the existing structure, floor beams, and other obstacles. 

The more turns they have to put in, the weaker the airflow gets along the way. 

Meanwhile, the thermostat is usually downstairs, often in the living room. But, the bedrooms may be warmer or cooler than the first floor. It doesn’t matter: The thermostat regulates the temperature based on the room it’s in, not what’s happening upstairs. 

And, these were the factors we saw in this home. The ducts took a few extra turns to make their way through the house. It also didn’t help that the master bedroom was the furthest room from the HVAC system downstairs. 

It was no wonder the master bedroom was always too hot or too cold! Our homeowners needed to sleep better. And, we had just the solution. 

Single-Zone Ductless Heating And Cooling In A Bedroom

A single-zone ductless heating and cooling system was perfect for this master bedroom. It offers: 

  • Zoned Heating And Cooling

  • Excellent Comfort 

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation

  • Low Energy Bills 

  • Both Heating And Cooling 

You can read up about how these systems work. For now, let’s see how and why this was the best solution. 

Zoned Heating And Cooling

Zoned Heating And Cooling Allows For Energy Saving, And Preferred Temperatures In Every RoomThe air handler we installed in the room has a built-in thermostat. So, right off the bat, you’re getting better heating and cooling. That’s because the unit is measuring the temperature in the same room we’re treating. 

We call this “zoned” heating and cooling: When you create a single zone, or area of the house, and treat it separately. In this case, there’s one zone: The master bedroom. But, we could also add more air handlers in other rooms for multiple zones.

Excellent Comfort 

A mini split doesn’t turn on and off a few times an hour like a forced-air system. Instead, it gets the room to the temperature you want. Then, it switches to a low-power mode. 

In that setting, it provides just enough service to maintain the temperature within a degree of your thermostat setting. It’s much more consistent and comfortable than waiting for your furnace or central air to click back on after the temperature has drifted by a few degrees. 

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Here was a big selling point for our homeowners: No extra noise at night! The air handler makes virtually no sound at all. Even when it’s working at full capacity, it’s no louder than people whispering in a library. 

And, even then, you need to be very close to the unit to hear anything at all. Now, our homeowner’s master bedroom will be both comfortable and silent all night long. 

Low Energy Bills 

Ductless heating and cooling is incredibly energy-efficient. So, even though our homeowners are adding a new system to their home, they won’t pay more on their monthly utility bills. 

Both Heating And Cooling

Remember, this master bedroom had an (almost) year-round problem: too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter. Luckily, their new mini split handles it all. 

These systems use a heat transfer process instead of burning fossil fuels to create heat. So, it moves heat out of the room in the summer. Then, it works in reverse to bring in warmth when it’s cold outside. 

With its variable-speed settings, it can also “top off” the temperature even during the spring and fall to keep things consistent every month. One powerful, energy-efficient, and quiet unit handles comfort all year long. 

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Installing A Mini Split In An Eagle, ID Bedroom

Our Eagle, ID homeowners didn’t have to wait long at all to put their new mini split into action. Installing a single-zone system only takes a day. And, it’s a straightforward job — there’s not a lot of construction or mess to clean up. 

Remember, the system only transports heat, not air. So, all we need is a line set that runs coolant fluid between the indoor and outdoor units. It’s only a few inches thick, and we can run it through the wall. 

For a single-zone setup, we mounted the air handler on an exterior wall. Then, we placed the heat pump outside, almost directly below it. 

From there, it was just a matter of connecting the lines. Outside, it just looks like another rain gutter running down the side of the house. Inside, all our homeowners see is a wall-mounted unit. And, all they feel is year-round comfort. 

Are you tired of your Eagle, ID bedroom constantly feeling too hot or too cold? Reach out to us here at Snowflake Air today. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll make sure your bedroom — or any room! — is comfortable year-round with mini split installers serving Eagle, ID.