Benefits Of A Heat Pump (Vs. Gas Or Electric Heaters)As the technology behind them improves, heat pumps are becoming more and more popular in different parts of the United States. Years and years ago, they were really only useful in warm climates.

Now, they’re strong enough to do a better job than electric or gas heaters in Valley County and the Boise Metro Area. 

But, what makes them so great? 

That’s our topic for this article. We’re focusing on what you can expect if you go with a heat pumps over conventional electric or gas heat. 

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How Do Heat Pumps Work Differently From Other HVAC Equipment?

From the technical perspective, the big difference is that a heat pump doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat. Instead, it moves what little warmth there is outside into your home. Even in the dead of winter, there’s enough thermal energy in the air to keep you comfortable inside. 

In the summer, they generally work the same as conventional AC. The system moves heat from inside your house to outside of your home. It also dehumidifiers for better comfort. 

Older models couldn’t offer much in the way of heating. But, today’s heat pumps can work year-round in Boise Metro and Valley, providing all the warmth and cooling our climate requires. 

Your HVAC contractor, who should be certified to work on the brand you’re choosing, can help you find the right-sized heat pump for your home’s needs

You may have also heard of mini splits or ductless heating and cooling. These systems use heat pumps, but you can also use a heat pump with a ducted system. Ductless is just one application. 

Four Benefits Of Heat Pumps Over Gas Furnaces Or Electric Heat: 

If it’s time to replace your old air conditioning, a heat pump is an excellent upgrade over gas furnace, electric heat, and conventional AC. Here’s why:

  1. Better Comfort All-Around
  2. Better Energy Efficiency
  3. Both Heating And Cooling 
  4. More Options For Each Room

Better Comfort All-Around

The biggest draw for heat pumps is, simply, how comfortable they can make you feel in your home. Modern heat pumps use Inverter technology to run in low-power mode most of the time to maintain a constant temperature. 

That’s different from conventional furnaces that kick on when the temperature drops, then turn back off. It does the job. But you end up with the temperature going up and down throughout the day. 

And, when you use one in a mini split, you also get whisper-quiet comfort! No rumble of a furnace and no roar of air rushing through the vents.

Better Energy Efficiency

A Ductless Mini Split Keeps This Bedroom Warm And CozyComfort may be the priority for many people, but energy efficiency comes in at a close second. For the environmentally-minded, that means less pollution and a smaller carbon footprint. For those also thinking about their budgets, it means paying less each month on your energy bills. 

The key here is that heat pumps transfer heat rather than create it. This process takes way less energy than combustion. 

The result? Imagine paying almost half of what you usually do in the winter. 

By some estimates, you can go from paying around $900 all winter for an electric furnace to just $500 for the season. As a result, heat pumps and mini splits installations are eligible for federal rebates and tax credits. That includes the recent Inflation Reduction Act which goes into effect early 2023.

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Both Heating And Cooling 

The one drawback to heat pumps is that they cost more than a furnace. In fact, they usually start at around $8,000 compared to $5,000 or so for conventional heaters. 

But, you also have to factor in the huge energy savings — and the fact that a heat pump provides both heat and air conditioning. 

Once you add central air to a furnace, you’re paying the same or more than you would for a heat pump. But you don’t get those substantial monthly savings in the winter. 

More Options For Each Room

If you go with a mini split setup, you’ll get more options and better customization for each room in your home. That means the perfect temperature no matter where you are in the house — and they can all be different! 

This works because, with a mini split, you can add as many air handlers as you’d like. The most popular models are the wall-mounted units that you’ve probably seen: 

Each one of these has a built-in thermostat. That means you’re no longer relying on one thermostat for the entire house. 

Instead, you can set every air handler to a different temperature — and program them to change during other times of the day. 

Now you can keep the upstairs cool and the downstairs warm during the day. Or vice versa at night. Or, set them all the same and get even heating and cooling in every room with no hot or cold spots anywhere. 

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Heat Pump Installation In Eagle, ID 

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