Ductless Mini Split Adds HVAC To Garage-Classroom: Nampa, ID

All sorts of parents became teachers in 2020, and these homeowners in Nampa, ID took it seriously. The finishing touch for their home classroom? Ductless heating and cooling for excellent — and silent! — comfort.

Our homeowners were already considering homeschooling their kids or at least doing cyber school. Then, when all schools went virtual due to the pandemic. So, they decided to double down and finally turn their garage into a fully-functioning classroom.

It was a great idea! The kids would still have a separation between home and school. And, they’d be set up for learning pods or even homeschool groups down the line. The only problem was comfort.

As anyone who’s ever spent a lot of time in a large garage, it’s usually not at the right temperature. That makes sitting still and paying attention tough when it’s too hot or cold.

Our homeowners heard about ductless heating and cooling and called us here at Snowflake Air to learn more. Soon, they were ready for a system of their own!

In this case study, we’ll go over the mini split benefits that meant the most to these Nampa, ID homeowners:

  • Whisper-Quiet Comfort
  • Easy Installation
  • Customizable Settings

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Problem: Nampa, ID homeowners remodeled their garage as a classroom. While it looked great, it needed heating and cooling.
Solution: Installed a single-zone Mitsubishi ductless system for silent, comfortable heating and cooling.

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Whisper-Quiet Comfort

A Ductless Mini Split Heats And Cools, All While Being Very QuietOur homeowners liked a lot of what a ductless system had to offer. But, the first thing that jumped out to them was how little sound they make. As in, virtually none at all.

Remember that the system, also called a mini split, was for a classroom. It’s the kind of room where you want as little distraction as possible.

Even with forced-air heating and cooling, you’d get some noise whenever the air rushed through the vents. It’s not the loudest sound in the world, and it’s certainly less noise than if they’d used a window air conditioner when it was hot out.

But, it still would have meant our homeowner having to speak up over the sound of the HVAC system. And, anyway, extending the ductwork to the garage wasn’t a good idea (we’ll get into that next).

Instead, the air handler, which is the indoor unit, barely makes a sound. It draws in the air from the room and pushes it back out. And, unless someone is sitting right under it, they won’t hear a thing.

Amazing Comfort

Along with being silent, the mini split also does a fantastic job, even in a large and uninsulated area like this garage. It uses sensors and tiny fans to find hot and cold spots in the room and direct the treated air to those areas.

The result is even heating and cooling that’s head-and-shoulders above any other HVAC system.


Customizable Settings

This Nampa Home Living Room Is Far More Comfortable With A Ductless Mini SplitWhy didn’t it make sense to just extend the existing ductwork from the house into the garage? Why invest in a whole new system — even one as good as this — for a single room?

Because there’s no way the existing heating or cooling system would have worked that well.

First of all, the furnace and central air are sized for the area it treats. When you add another room, especially one as large as a garage, you’re now heating and cooling a space that’s too big for the system to keep up.

Next, the thermostat is very far away from the garage and on the other side of a fire door. So, our homeowners would never get a good reading for their new classroom. Instead, the system would turn off when the living room — not this space — reached the right temperature.

Instead, the ductless system has a thermostat built into the air handler. This way, the mini split heats and cools according to the room’s exact temperature where we install the indoor unit.

That level of customization is crucial for a setup such as this.

Easy Installation

School wasn’t out for long when it was time to install the mini split! It only took about a day to get our Nampa, ID homeowner’s new system up and running.

Installing a ductless heating and cooling system is simple and straightforward. Once our homeowners chose the equipment, we found a spot on an exterior wall to mount the air handler.

And, again, one indoor unit was all we needed. Even though the garage was a large open space, the single unit is strong enough to treat all of it.

This way, all we needed to do is put the heat pump — the outdoor unit — right on the other side of the wall. Then, it was only a matter of connecting some lines between the two units.

After that, class was back in session. But, it’s more comfortable — and quiet! — than ever before. Now, our homeowners are ready for whatever the world throws at them next.

They’re confident their kids will continue to learn and thrive remotely. And, they have the option to pool their resources with other parents and create a small group that can cluster together here for classes.

Either way, everyone will be comfortable while they learn.

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Ductless System Installation In Nampa, ID

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