If you are considering a ductless HVAC system, you want to ensure that your money is well spent and probably want to know how the lifespan of a mini-split compares to that of a traditional central air system. You will be happy to know that mini-splits average 20+ years of service, which is significantly longer than the 12-15 years for a traditional system.

Why Do Ductless Systems Last Longer?

There are several reasons that ductless systems tend to last longer than traditional ones, and most have to do with the lack of ducts that are required. Air ducts are very inefficient. It has been calculated that a duct system loses 20-40% of the heat that it carries because of leaks. This means that the system has to work longer and harder to keep your home at the right temperature. Since mini-splits have separate thermostats for the zones where they are located, they can achieve better results without the energy loss. 

Leaky ducts also tend to suck up dust and other particles from areas that they travel through like attics and crawl spaces. This debris can clog up the evaporator or compressor and cause damage and wear to important components of the system. 

Traditional systems also have large compressors that must stop and start frequently. This puts a great deal of strain on the system. When a central air system fails, it is often the compressor that goes first. Mini-splits use variable speed (inverter) compressors that go up and down in speed without the hard starts.

Proper Mini-Split Maintenance

The lifespan of an HVAC system is dependent on many different variables, so if you want to get at least 20 years out of your mini-split, there are three important things that you should do.

  • Have you system inspected and serviced yearly by a licensed HVAC technician
  • Clean the air filters regularly
  • Make sure that the outdoor unit stays clear of leaves, dust, and debris

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