Ductless Mini Split: Silent Heating & Cooling For Home Studio - Boise, IDAt Snowflake Air, we don’t believe that artists must suffer for their art. At the least, they can be comfortable when they’re making it. Ductless heating and cooling can help with that.

We got a call from a musician in Boise, ID. He had a recording studio set up in his home. It was a full setup with acoustic treatments, a professional mixer, a variety of microphones, and a computer with some decent firepower.

The only problem? The temperature.

Even before this spare room became our homeowner’s own Hit Factory, it was always a little too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Now, it was much more of a problem.

Summer posed the most significant issue: If it got too hot, equipment ran the risk of overheating and getting damaged. But, winters were still inconvenient and uncomfortable when it got too chilly.

And, he didn’t want to rely on forced air at all. The sound of air coming through the vents may not seem that loud. But, when you’re running sensitive microphones, the sound of a sudden rush of air pressure will ruin a take.

So, our homeowner called Snowflake Air to see what we could suggest. When we saw his setup and suggested a ductless heating and cooling system, well, let’s just say it struck a chord with him.

In this case study, we’ll discuss the three main reasons our homeowner went with a ductless system:

  • Silent Heating And Cooling
  • Customizable “Zoned” HVAC
  • Out-Of-The-Way Installation

Then, for an encore, we’ll go over a few more mini split benefits.

And, if you’d like to learn more about how ductless heating and cooling can make a difference in your home or businesses in Boise, ID, call or email us!

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Problem: A Boise, ID homeowner needed better cooling and quiet HVAC for his home recording studio. The room didn’t get good air circulation, and the sound of forced air interfered with recording.
Solution: Installed a single-zone Mitsubishi ductless system. It works silently to provide heating and cooling and doesn’t get in the way of any gear.

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Silent Heating And Cooling

Many homeowners are most excited about the amazing year-round comfort you get with a ductless mini split. Or the energy-efficiency and how little it costs to run. For our homeowner running a recording studio, the big-ticket item here was silence.

Ductless systems provide sheat and cooling just as well — and usually better —- than conventional forced-air HVAC. But, they hardly make a sound when doing it.

That’s in large part because the air handler, or the indoor unit, pulls in air from the room and immediately re-circulates it. There’s no pressure to push the air all through the house.

As a result, the loudest it gets is about 32 decibels. That’s close to people whispering in a library or leaves rustling outside.

And, it barely ever gets that loud. Instead of turning on and off a few times each hour, the mini split runs in a low-power mode most of the time.

This way, it maintains the temperature instead of turning on and off over and over when the temperature drifts. And, it stays quiet while doing so.

Customizable “Zoned” HVAC

Ductless Air Conditioning Is Perfect For Zoned Cooling And HeatingNext, our homeowner’s new mini split will keep this one room in particular at just the temperature he wants. That’s important to him for a few reasons.

First, of course, is comfort. Like everyone else, our homeowner doesn’t want to be too hot or too cold, especially in a room where he spends a lot of time.

In this case, there’s all that sensitive equipment and all those instruments to consider. Drastic temperature changes can damage them. And, some of the electronics run hot.

All this in a room that was already prone to getting too hot or too cold.

But, the mini split’s air handler has a built-in thermostat. So, it’s always measuring and regulating the climate based on this room — not using the house’s central thermostat in the living room.

Out-Of-The-Way Installation

Once our homeowner decided that ductless was the way to go, we got to work setting up everything for him. Installing these is always pretty easy. In this case, we took a little extra care in this room.

The first step was finding a spot on a wall that faces the outside of the house. Since we mount the air handler high on the wall, it makes sense to try and line up the heat pump, our outdoor unit, with it.

Fortunately, the indoor unit works so well that we could place it just about anywhere. So, we found a spot that wouldn’t get in his way or affect the acoustics.

Then, we ran the lines out from behind the air handler — where no one sees them — and then down to the heat pump outside. We came in on a Tuesday, and our homeowner was back to tracking on Wednesday.

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More Mini Split Benefits

We mentioned two other reasons people usually like mini splits: Even, consistent comfort, and lower energy bills. These weren’t the top priority in this case. But they’re still worth covering.

First, the air handler eliminates all hot and cold spots in a room. The unit directs air in different directions, and it can detect the areas that need it the most.

And, for all these great benefits, you don’t pay a lot for them month after month. The heat pump outside is exceptionally energy-efficient. As a result, ductless heating and cooling uses very, very little electricity.


With all this, our Boise, ID homeowner got everything he needed: superior climate control for his sensitive equipment with whisper-quiet performance. And it costs very little to run.

Whether you have a specialty room that requires particular heating and cooling, or if you’re just tired of that one room in your Treasure Valley house that’s always too hot or too cold, Snowflake Air can help!

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