It seems like our Boise, ID homeowner was ahead of the curve: He’d been working from home long before that became the norm for 2020. Now, he’s at the head of the class again, thanks a new mini split making his home office more comfortable than ever. 

This space in his home was never quite right. It’d get a little hot in the summer, a little too cold in the winter. The thermostat was in another room, and he’d never get the right heating or cooling for the office. 

Now that he’s working from home even more often, it was time for an upgrade. He called us here at Snowflake Air to find out the most effective and energy-efficient way to finally work in comfort. 

In this case study, we’ll explain why ductless heating and cooling was the best option for this home office. We’ll explain the difference between conventional HVAC, and then we’ll talk about the benefits. 

Finally, we’ll take a look at this installation — it was slightly different from the usual. 

Problem: The home office in this Boise, ID home was too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. 

Solution: Installed a ductless mini split with an outdoor heat pump and recessed ceiling cassette air handler inside.

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Ductless Heating and Cooling Vs. Conventional Forced Air

A ductless heating and cooling system delivers warmth and air conditioning, just like a conventional forced-air system. But, it doesn’t require ductwork and vents. And, each room, or “zone,” uses a separate thermostat. As a result, you get more customizable treatments and better air circulation. 

Instead of the usual set up, you have a heat pump outside. In the summer, it expels the excess heat from your home. In the winter, it draws in what little thermal energy there is outside, amplifies it, and then sends it inside to heat the house. 

But, the trick is that the air doesn’t go in and out — only the heat. There’s a small line carrying coolant in a loop between the indoor and outdoor units. 

Inside, the air handler keeps re-circulating the air in the room. As the air passes through the unit, it either warms or cools it, depending on the setting. 

This process gets rid of the need for ductwork. And, each air handler has a built-in thermostat. So, you’re not relying on the temperature in another room to control the heat or cooling somewhere else in the house. 

In fact, that’s why a room like this — or especially bedrooms on the second floor — is often too hot or cold. The thermostat is downstairs, where the temperature is different than the second floor. 

With ductless, you’re getting a reading from the room you’re in. And, the air handler in there works accordingly. 

Mini Split for a Home Office

A mini split was the best bet because the house’s central HVAC system wasn’t cutting it in here. We couldn’t add extra ductwork even if we wanted to because the room already had a vent. It wouldn’t help put in another thermostat because then he’d need a separate furnace and ac. 

The only other option would be portable heaters and window air conditioners — in other words, substandard heating and cooling that would drive up his electric bill. And, it could become a fire hazard in the winter. 

So, a mini split was the way to go! The air handler would control the temperature in this one room, based on the actual reading from that space. 

Plus, it’s whisper-quiet. So, our homeowner doesn’t need to turn off a loud window AC to make a phone call or get on a video conference. Unlike a space heater, he doesn’t need to turn anything on or off to prevent a possible fire. 

Instead, the system works on its own, just like conventional HVAC. But, it uses less energy, provides better comfort, and doesn’t make a sound. 

Okay, maybe not “just like” conventional. 

Home Office Mini Split Installation

The outside part of this job was simple. We just installed the heat pump next to the AC condenser. Inside, however, we took a slightly different path. 

heat pump outside a home office in Boise, ID

Most ductless heating and cooling setups use a wall-mounted air handler. We permanently install these high on the wall, near the ceiling. But, this room wasn’t that big, and our homeowner didn’t want to make it feel any smaller. 

No problem!

We went with a recessed ceiling cassette. It works just like a wall-mounted air handler. But, it sits flush with the ceiling. All the machinery is in the rafters. 

recessed ceiling cassette in a Boise, ID home office

As a result, all he sees when he looks up is the venting. Nothing is jutting out into the room. Now it’s silent and out of sight — and, essentially, out of mind! 

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Ductless Heating and Cooling in Boise, ID

Are you looking to fix that problem room that’s always too hot or too cold in your home? You can do it without expensive portable units, and without paying a whole lot extra to add ductwork or a second furnace or AC compressor. 

Call or email us today at Snowflake Air. We’ll meet with you for a free consultation to see if a ductless heating and cooling system is right for you. Then, we’ll help you pick out and design a system that’s customized just for your home and needs for Boise, ID mini split installation specialists.