Our homeowners in Meridian, ID were ahead of the curve: They installed a mini split in their homes years before ductless heating and cooling started catching on here in the United States. 

Now, as more people are discovering the many benefits of these systems, the setup in this home was on its last legs. That’s what happens to any air conditioner after more than a decade. 

And, it served them so well for so long that they decided to upgrade rather than go with a different kind of system. 

In this case study, we’ll go over how long mini splits work and why they’re becoming more popular. Then, we’ll see how these homeowners doubled down on their initial investment. 

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Problem: An older mini split did not keep this Meridian, ID cool anymore. And, the homeowners wanted to use ductless for heating along with air conditioning.

Solution: Installed a new Mitsubishi Hyper Heat mini split system with a heat pump and three indoor air handlers. The new system can handle the coldest winter temperatures and hottest summer days.

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How Long Does a Mini Split Last? 

Today’s ductless mini splits can last 20 years or longer. That’s more than the average 10 to 15 years for conventional heaters and central air. The system requires regular care and maintenance to last that long. 

Now, the model our homeowners didn’t quite make it that long — but their new one will. 

We replaced a 15-year-old system. Back then, these systems weren’t as long-lasting. But, as with all HVAC technology, they’ve gotten a lot better. 

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Those improvements are a big part of why our homeowners doubled down with a new system. They’ll get more longevity, better efficiency, and heating all winter with their new one. 

But before we get into that, let’s see how they work — and why they work so well. 

How Ductless Heating and Cooling Works

Ductless heating and cooling uses mountable air handlers to circulate the air in the rooms where they’re installed. They connect to a heat pump outside, which sends heat inside during the winter and gets rid of it in the summer. 

The indoor and outdoor components stay connected thanks to a narrow, flexible line set that pumps refrigerant between the two. That refrigerant, or coolant, carries heat back and forth. 

This way, you don’t need ductwork and vents. The air handler circulates the air, and the heat pump provides the warmth or gets rid of heat. 

Benefits of a New Mini Split in 2020

We’ve covered the benefits of mini splits elsewhere, but the quick recap is: 

  • They offer better climate control
  • They make virtually no noise
  • They use much less energy 

And, by trading in their decade-and-a-half-old system for a state-of-the-art model, our homeowners get even more. 

For starters, the new system is even more energy-efficient. It provides the same — or better — heating and cooling. But, it uses even less energy to do the job. That means their bills are lower. 

And, they can use their ductless system year-round now! 

For a long time, heat pump systems were really only useful in warm climates or for cooling only. They couldn’t provide heat once the temperature got down around 32 degrees F or lower. 

But, the technology behind them has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Now, Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heat models can keep your home warm even when it’s negative 13 degrees outside.

With maybe one or two exceptions over the last 120 years, Boise never gets far below 20 degrees outside. So, these models are more than up to the task. 

Customized Climate Control

It’s also worth mentioning here how much more control our homeowners get with a mini split. It also explains, in part, why we install so many air handlers throughout the house. 

So for starters: the air handlers take the place of vents. They’re the units responsible for circulating the air. But, they do a much better job than vents, so you don’t need as many to get the temperature you want throughout the house. 

But, here’s the unique feature: Each one has a thermostat on it. 

That means you’re not relying on one gauge to measure the whole house as you do with central air or forced-air heat. The one-thermostat-to-rule-them-all approach is why your bedrooms are often too hot or too cold. 

Instead, with ductless, you control the temperature for each room individually. Set all the thermostats to the same temperature for accurate, even heating and cooling throughout your home. 

Or change each one to suit different parts of the house. For instance, you can keep the bedrooms warmer or colder than downstairs if you prefer the temperature a little different where you sleep. 

Mini Split Installation in a Meridian ID Home

The mini split installation in this Meridian, ID was straightforward, primarily because they’d previously used a system like their new one.   

We placed the new heat pup in the spot where the old one was outside. You’ll notice it’s close to a window, but that doesn’t matter. The heat pump makes virtually zero noise, so there’s no sound seeping in from outside. 

Mitsubishi hyper heat model heat pump outside a Meridian, ID home

Next, we mounted three new air handlers throughout the house. There are more than four rooms here, of course. But, one well-placed unit downstairs could handle the entire first floor. 

Then, we just needed two upstairs to handle the bedrooms. Each one gets installed up near the ceiling. This way, they’re mostly out of sight and don’t get in the way of anything. 

Air handler in a Meridian, ID home

And, as a little bonus, we installed holders for the remotes close to each one. That way, they won’t get lost. 

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Heating and Cooling Replacements in Meridian, ID

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