Mini Split Fixes Uneven Temperatures In A Boise, ID Home Office

Mini Split Fixes Uneven Temperatures In A Boise, ID Home OfficeWe got a call from a Boise, ID homeowner with a problem that’s becoming more and more common: He converted a guest bedroom into a home office. But, it needed better heating and cooling.

This room was always a little too hot or a bit too cold. But, it usually didn’t matter. Most of the time, no one used it. And, when someone was there, they only slept in it.

So, it didn’t matter when the temperature was a little off — until now. Fortunately, our homeowner came to the right place. Once we found the problem’s cause, he weighed his options and found the perfect solution for his new workspace: Ductless heating and cooling.

In this case study, we’ll cover:

  • Why This Home Had Uneven Temperatures
  • Using A Mini Split For Zoned Heating And Cooling
  • Outstanding Comfort And Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Installing Ductless Heating And Cooling In a Boise, ID Home

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Problem: The spare bedroom in this Boise, ID home had uneven temperatures. Now that it was a home office, our homeowners needed to make it more comfortable.

Solution: Added a single-zone Mitsubishi mini split for ductless heating and cooling. It manages the temperature in the single room with fantastic, whisper-quiet comfort.

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Why This Home Had Uneven Temperatures

Let’s start with the problem itself: Why was this room so often too hot or cold? Knowing why it was happening is what helped our homeowner make the best decision on how to fix it.

Our tech checked out the furnace and central air system along with the ductwork when he got to the house. It looked like the system was strong enough to handle the load.

(Sometimes, we see a furnace or AC that’s too small or too big for the house. In those cases, you never really get the temperatures you want.)

In this case, the problem was the ductwork. There were no leaks or anything like that. Instead, it was a poor design.

This room was far away from the furnace. And, the ductwork was longer than it should have been. The problem, then, was pressure.

Like with any forced-air setup, the air in this system loses pressure the further it travels from the furnace. That’s why you want as little ductwork as possible: The shorter the distance, the better circulation you get throughout the house.

In this case, the airflow was too weak by the time it reached this bedroom. So, anything short of ripping gout and redesigning the ductwork would not help. Doing that would cost way too much and require us to do work on the entire house.

Fortunately, our homeowner had a better option.

Using A Mini Split For Zoned Heating And Cooling

A Ductless Ceiling Cassette Was A Perfect Solution For This Boise Home OfficeWith a mini split system, our homeowner could finally keep the temperature in this spare bedroom exactly how we wanted it. After all, the stakes were higher now.

Now that it’s a home office, he’s in there up to 10 hours a day. And he needs to concentrate during that time. Keeping it comfortable plays a role in that.

So, how does a mini split do it?

Well, the big feature here is an air handler with a built-in thermostat. The air handler is the indoor unit that heats or cools the air as needed.

The unit takes constant measure of how hot or cold this specific room is. It’s not relying on a thermostat downstairs, where the temperature is different.

And, the mini split doesn’t switch on and off like conventional heat or central air. Instead, the outdoor unit uses variable speed, or Inverter technology, to better maintain the temperature.

Conventional systems wait for things to get too hot or cold by a few degrees. Then, they turn on to correct the drift. Instead, the mini split works mostly in a low-power mode that keeps things more consistent.

Outstanding Comfort And Whisper-Quiet Operation

Keeping the temperature just right all the time makes for some amazing comfort. For this homeowner, who’s dealt with the room being too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, it was a game-changer!

And, the benefits didn’t stop there.

As we mentioned, the system maintains an even, consistent setting all the time. The indoor unit has sensors that locate pockets of hot or cold air within a room. Then, it uses small, specialized fans to direct treated air right to those spots.

And, it does all this without making a sound.

Well, technically, there’s a little bit of noise. At most, it’s about as loud as leaves rustling outside. And, that’s only during the rare times when the unit has to kick up to full power.

Other than that, our homeowner doesn’t hear a thing. Even when he’s working quietly, the room around him is silent and peaceful. That makes it easy to concentrate on a task, talk on the phone, or hop on a video chat easily.

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Installing Ductless Heating And Cooling In a Boise, ID Home

Once our homeowner decided to go with ductless air conditioning and heating, we had him up and running in almost no time at all. In fact, the installation itself took a single workday.

Our homeowner chose from a few different models based on the size of the room. Then, we measured out a spot on the wall for the air handler. We made sure to choose an exterior wall.

That way, we ran a line down to the ground, where he put the heat pump. It’s got a side discharge and fits close to the house. That way, it doesn’t take up much space.

Once we set everything up, our homeowner was ready to go! The next morning, he got up, made some coffee, and sat down for the most comfortable day on the job yet!

If you’re looking for the best way to make your home office more comfortable, call or email us at Snowflake Air for Boise, ID mini split installations! Starting with a free consultation, we’ll help you find the best heating and cooling solution for your needs.