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This is Not Your Father’s Heat Pump


When we start to get our first chilly nights, the biggest complaint I hear from our customers is that they need to turn on their whole heating system to take the chill off only a few rooms.

With a ductless mini-split system, you have the flexibility of heating just the rooms you’re using. So you can put a unit in your bedroom, and maybe the kitchen, and simply heat these rooms when you’re using them.

When the temperature heads back into the sixties and seventies, you can turn them off and open the windows.

Ductless Boise Idaho

Problem: During the early fall late spring, it can be wasteful and expensive to heat your home with your main furnace.

Solution: Install a zoned ductless mini-split system in the rooms where you do most of your living and leave the main furnace off until the really cold temperatures arrive.

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Ductless Boise Idaho
These guys were great to work with. They were prompt getting scheduled, showed up at the times they said they would. They gave us a quote and that was exact amount I was billed for. Our new AC was through our insurance and they did the work and did not hassle us at all while we waited for the insurance check to come in. I highly recommend Snowflake Air.
Amanda Wilcoxon

Ductless Boise Idaho

Why Do Hyper Heat Systems Work Better?


All heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat. In the winter, theses systems are designed to absorb warmth from the outside air (even when it feels very cold out there!) and transfer that heat inside to your home. In the summer, they extract warmth from the air in your home and “pump” it outside.

Mitsubishi Electric’s engineers have come up with an innovative design that improves that heat transfer and takes energy created by your internal motor and puts it to good use creating a burst of heat at the moment you turn the system on.

How Ductless Works Boise ID
Ductless Boise Idaho

Ductless Heating and Cooling in a Condo Complex


If you are a facilities manager or a construction architect responsible for the maintenance or design of the HVAC system, you might be interested to see this New England installation by my friend, Michael Cappuccio of N.E.T.R., Inc. Mike worked with The Procopio Companies and selected Mitsubishi’s H2i Hyper Heat Air Source Heat Pumps to heat and cool this New England apartment complex.

Hyper Heat Multi-Zone Installation


Here’s a 5-zone Mitsubishi Hyper Heat installation done, again, in the New England climate zone where temperatures frequently dip below zero almost every winter.

What’s notable about this example is how the homeowner loves how quiet the systems run, how quickly the rooms become comfortable, and how easy it has become to heat and cool only the spaces his family is using.

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Why is an Inverter-Driven System Such a Big Deal?


Traditional systems use a fixed-speed compressor motor, which cycles the unit on and off whenever the room dips below your set temperature.

This type of unit operates on an all-or-nothing philosophy.

Your furnace or air conditioner is running at either zero or 100 percent.

This leads to unpleasant, inefficient temperature swings as the system works hard to maintain your desired temperature.

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Technology Boise ID
Inverters, on the other hand, are always running in the background.

Constantly adjusting the compressor speed in real-time.

By ramping up power to the compressor when needed, an inverter provides a more accurate, on-demand approach to temperature control.

If your room temperature’s already a comfortable 72 degrees, for example, an inverter may slow the compressor’s engine to a crawl. If your room’s cooking at 104 degrees, the inverter will push the compressor into high gear, colling off your room within minutes.

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If you would like to learn more about Mitsubishi’s H2i Hyper Heat air source heat pumps, Snowflake Air is the Boise, Idaho area’s leading Elite Diamond Contractor.

Let one of our certified comfort specialists explain your options in either a virtual or an in-home consultation.

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