Repair Or Replace My Heat Pump? | Treasure Valley HVACHeat pumps are the way of the future when it comes to home heating and cooling. Even though they’ve been around for decades, today’s models perform remarkably better than previous generations.

But, as great as they are now, we’re still dealing with mechanical appliances. Meaning, eventually, they break down.

So the question becomes: Should you repair or replace a heat pump when there’s something wrong with it? 

This isn’t too much of a question for very new models. They still have a lot of life in them. And, if the warranty is still valid, you may not even pay much or anything to get it fixed. 

But, the older they get, the more decisions you have to make. 

Whether you’ve already had a heat pump in your Treasure Valley home for a while, or if you’re considering switching to one, Snowflake Air is here to help! We’ll walk you through the factors to consider as your heat pump gets older. 

And, if you think it’s time to start considering a replacement for your home, or you’d like to learn more about whether a system like this is a good fit for you, reach out!

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How Long Should A Heat Pump Last? 

A heat pump should last at least 15 years. Well-maintained units make it to 20, and occasionally we’ll see some keep running after two decades. With that in mind, if your unit makes it past 15 years old, you’re getting good value for the equipment. 

But, if you’re thinking about whether to replace it, longevity alone isn’t the only factor. 

Even if your system is still heating and cooling your house, it may not be doing it as well as it used to. It may also cost you more than it should to keep running. And, of course, there’s a higher chance of a breakdown when you need it the most. 

We’ll talk more about the factors over the following few points. 

Warranties And Regular Maintenance

Two critical items to consider when thinking about whether to repair or replace a heat pump are: 

  1. Whether the warranty is still valid
  2. If you’ve had it serviced regularly

Average Warranties 

As with most HVAC equipment, heat pumps typically come with a 10-year warranty. You’ll also find some mini splits with 12-year warranties — a little longer than the industry standard. 

If your system is still covered, you probably should continue using it even if you call for the occasional repair. You’ll find that many items are still covered so that you won’t pay for every service. 

However, once that warranty is up, you may start considering a replacement if you run into a particularly large or expensive problem.

Benefits Of Maintenance

Regular Maintenance Is Essential To Your Heat Pump SystemWe need to stress how important it is to have your heat pump regularly maintained. That means annual tune-up and deep cleans for mini splits. Yes, we know it costs a little bit of money each year. 

But, the benefits last for the lifetime of the system. 

First of all, you may need annual maintenance records to keep the warranty valid. If your HVAC contractor calls in a claim, there’s a chance the manufacturer will not honor it if you haven’t kept up on servicing the system. 

But, bureaucracy aside, annual maintenance offers you plenty of benefits

Your system will run better when you have it serviced. That’s because your tech will make sure every part is in excellent working condition. They’ll even replace anything that’s worn down before it breaks. 

Preemptive measures like that go a long way! If a component looks shaky at the beginning of the season, there’s a really good chance it will cause a breakdown later on. 

At that point, you’re without heat or AC. And, if you’ve let the problem fester for a while, it will be more complex — and expensive! — to fix.

Finally, a well-maintained system retains its efficiency much better. That means, over the years, you’ll use less electricity to keep your home comfortable. 

And, you’ll get a longer life from your system. When we’re talking about replacing an older unit, you can be confident about keeping it for longer when you’ve kept up on maintenance. 

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Upgrades And Energy Efficiency 

The last thing to consider is how much money you’ll save over time with a new system — even if your old heat pump is still running. 

Over time, your heat pump will require more energy to run. Now, this is not nearly as big of a deal as it is with conventional furnaces because those systems experience much bigger drops in efficiency over the years. But, it’s still something to consider. 

And, it’s especially important to think about this if you’ve had your heat pump for more than 15 years in 2021. 

Manufacturers have made significant improvements to their heat pumps over the last decade. That means your older unit may not have ever been as energy-efficient as what’s on the market today. 

With that mind, it’s important to remember that it is possible to replace just the heat pump and not the air handlers, But, you need to be sure the new and old equipment are compatible. Even if they can work together, they may not work as efficiently as they would if they were an exact match. 

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So, when it’s time to replace your system, even going for a comparable model — one that costs about the same, accounting for inflation, as your current one — will instantly feel like an upgrade. The new system will work better and use less electricity

If your heat pump has passed its 15th birthday, and your energy bills have gone up a little, this may be the factor that sways you toward replacement versus paying for another repair. 

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