Signs You Need A New Heat Pump Soon In Your Treasure Valley HomeIf you’ve enjoyed the excellent comfort and low electric bills you get with a heat pump for years, you don’t want to give that up any time soon! And, the good news is that today’s models work even better than one you installed a decade (or more) ago.

That’s to say: Don’t ignore the signs that the current system in your Treasure Valley home is starting to fail!

Sure, no one wants to lay out a lot of money for a new heating and cooling system. But, it’s inevitable, even though heat pumps can last a long, long time.

So, you may be tempted to let your current system run until it just can’t anymore. Everyone wants to get the most from an investment.

But, the truth is that you can save money, stay comfortable, and enjoy better peace of mind by replacing your current system before it fails for good. It’s all a matter of the right timing.

And that’s what we’ll help you figure out in this article. We’ll go over:

  1. Four Signs You Need To Replace Your Heat Pump Soon
  2. How Long Does The Average Heat Pump Last?
  3. Why Regular Maintenance Is Important
  4. Heat Pump Replacement In Boise Metro and Valley County

Now, it’s important to point out that we can’t give you an exact answer for your home. To do that, we’d need to inspect your system, find out exactly what’s been happening with it, learn how long it’s been in the house, and more.

We also can’t tell you for sure in this article if you need to repair or replace your heat pump. There are more factors than just the problem at hand that go into making that decision. And there are other signs of heat pump problems that aren’t as severe.

But, we hope this article gives you the information you need to make the best decision for your home and your family. And, if you live in the Boise Metro Area or up in Valley County, Snowflake Air is here to help!

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Four Signs You Need To Replace Your Heat Pump Soon

Is your older heat pump showing signs of wear? Here are the four signs you may need a new one soon:

  1. Hot And Cold Spots In Different Rooms
  2. Electric Bill Keeps Going Up
  3. Your Home Is More Humid In The Summer
  4. You Call For Repairs More Often

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These are all dependent on the age of the system as well. We’ll talk about lifespans a little later. For now, let’s break these down:

Hot And Cold Spots In Different Rooms

Consistent comfort is a big selling point for heat pumps. That’s especially so with mini-split setups that heat or cool each room individually. So, most people notice a change right away when their system suddenly struggles to keep up.

An older heat pump starts leaving hot or cold spots in different rooms of your house. You may notice it more in larger rooms or on the second floor with a ducted system.

It’s a sign that your system can’t provide as much heating or cooling as it used to. And, if you’ve had it serviced regularly or recently repaired, that’s a big problem.

Electric Bill Keeps Going Up

Along with comfort, energy efficiency is the next big sell for these systems. If you’ve had one for years, you’ve also enjoyed a fraction of the electric bill your neighbors are paying! But, when those monthly costs start mounting, something’s up.

Even if your heat pump seems to be working fine, there’s a problem if your electric bill keeps rising. Sure, it’s keeping you comfortable, but it’s working harder to do it. That indicates something’s wrong.

Start there if it’s been a while since you had a tune-up or a cleaning. You’d be surprised how much more efficient a well-maintained system runs. But, if that doesn’t help, or the problem keeps coming back, your heat pump may be on its way out.

Your Home Is More Humid In The Summer

Another telltale sign is: Your home becomes more humid in the summer. Since your heat pump handles heating and air conditioning, it’s also dehumidifying your home in the summer. And, just as with hot and cold spots, feeling warmer and sticky in the summer means your system isn’t working the way it should.

 You Call For Repairs More Often

Heat Pump Installation In Donnelly, IDAre you calling for HVAC contractors to fix your system more often than before? At some point, it’s just not worth repairing over and over again — especially if you’ve had yours installed for a long time.

This is where working with a trustworthy company comes in handy. You want an expert to help you weigh the pros and cons of sinking more money into an older system versus investing in a new one.

And, the truth is that a replacement is easier with a higher profit margin than repair. That’s why you need a company with an excellent reputation:

You don’t want to replace your heat pump too early just because someone wanted to make a quick buck.

Your best bet here is to go with a company that’s been in the area for a while and has plenty of five-star Google Reviews. Also, check to see if they have a lot of Better Business Bureau complaints. Even if they have an A+ rating, it’s more telling if a lot of your neighbors make the same complaints against them.

How Long Does The Average Heat Pump Last?

Heat pumps usually last between a decade and 20 years. That puts the average lifespan around 15 years. The more care and service it gets, the longer it will last — and do a good job. Some systems run for as long as 25 years with annual maintenance and regular cleanings.

And, age is the crucial factor that affects everything else we’ve talked about there.

If your system is running great at 15 years, keep it! If it’s already starting to falter, start looking at new ones. The silver lining is that today’s heat pumps are way better than what was on the market a decade or more ago.

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That means you don’t have to shell out for a top-of-the-line model to feel like you got an upgrade.

It’s also sometimes possible to replace just the heat pump and not the air handler. But to do that, you have to find a new unit that’s compatible with the rest of your system. And, even if it’s the same model but from a different year, you may lose out on energy efficiency with mismatches equipment.

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